Thursday, 2 September 2010

If you knew Susie like I know Susie...!

Many years ago, back in the late 1970s, my mum discovered Susie Cooper.

It was then that we, two gals on a mission, would trapse around the antiques markets, flea markets etc, searching for Susie.

My mum thought it would be fun to collect as many different designs as we could find.

And thus began a love for Susie, until my mum's cupboard could take no more.

Every visit to see her would inevitably mean 'Let's get Susie out!'

And out of the cupboards it would all come.

We'd admire the designs , reminisce about where

we found each piece, lovingly stroke it... and then back into the cupboard it would go.

Until one day...

my mum put it all into auction! ;-(

I say 'all' ...but not quite all!

She gave me this bone china tea set


This occasionally comes out of the dresser as I do like to ring the changes on my dresser.

And she let me keep this lustre jug, which I do know has value.

I found it at an antiques fair at Haytor on Dartmoor, years ago.

The seller had three lustre jugs and I could only afford one, I remember.

So I bought the middle sized jug.

And I went proudly, back down through the Devon lanes to show my mum,who was

gobsmacked at my find.

It was one of Susie's earlier pieces when she worked

at Grays pottery

And so it was with great interest, when I went to see my mum today, that I read the article in

this month's BBC Homes and Antiques mag.

And so I came home and got out Susie!

I only have a sprinkling!

This set is more modern and entitled,

' Wedgwood Women Designers of the 20th Century'

Susie Cooper 'Recumbent Deer'

Limited edition of 5,000

So the backstamp says.

This set...

...was actually given to me years ago as a gift and it commemorates the 25th anniversary of the

coronation 0f Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11
Limited edition of 500

And this one,I was given today...!

I rather like the design


And my mum's words this morning:

I now wish I had not got rid of it all !!


So that's Susie, one of the 'pottery ladies' who has given my mum and I a lot of fun, over the


Cheers Susie!



KC'sCourt! said...

Susie Cooper pottery is wonderful, my mum has one piece of hers, alas not sure what happened to it.
Julie xxxxxxx

silverpebble said...

Oh! I've learnt so much from this post! Thankyou Sal. I shall keep a sharp eye open. Your Susie pieces are real treasures.

Florence and Mary said...

Years ago my nan gave me a tea set all in it's original box etc, when I got home and looked at it properly I realised it was Susie Cooper!

Victoria xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

It's lovely! I really liked the Exclamation design in H&A.

Jane and Chris said...

How beautiful!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Do you know, I had completely forgotten her, Sal, until I read your post. Her designs were lovely weren't they? Are you intending to sell yours or keep it as a family heirloom?

landcuckoo said...

I've not heard of her before but some of the pottery looks familiar so I must have seen without looking properly!
You have some very nice pieces there and I'm sure you will continue to enjoy using them.
Sarah x

Floss said...

I never knew this potter, but you've really inspired me to look out for her pieces - they're lovely, Sal!

Menopausal musing said...

Loving the lustre jug!

galant said...

You lucky gal with all that lovely Susie pottery. I much prefer Susie's pottery to that of Clarice!
Another of those pottery ladies was Charlotte Rheade, so look out for items of hers, too!
Margaret P

Anonymous said...

I've just been into the kitchen to check, as I was sure that my Wedgewood teaset is a Susie Cooper design .... yes it is!! It is 'Black Keystone'. It was my wedding china from my first marriage (I loved it too much to get rid of it when I got rid of him!!), so it is almost 37 years old. One teaplate is missing (broken by my ex FIL!!) - I did track one down on the web, but in the end didn't buy it, as it wouldn't have been the same as having the original plate - does that make sense?

Kelly said...

Very pretty!! I don't have any but something to keep an eye out for!!

Carol said...

Lovely Susie pottery, particularly the jug.
Not surprised your Mum regrets getting rid of most of her collection but, sadly, we can't keep everything. At least you both got great enjoyment out of it when she did have it, it wasn't just stuck in a cupboard never to see the light of day.