Tuesday, 9 March 2010

You copycat!!!

Now here' s an interesting subject and something which has probably affected
 all of us, at some time, in our lives!!
And it's one for huge debate!!


The Subject : Copying someone else's work or idea!

Last year, it happened to me on more than one occasion and I was mildly irritated. However, at the time I was not feeling that well. Had I been well, I might've merely been flattered and thought no more of it.

Nevertheless, around about the same time, I knew of many instances whereby someone had copied another's work . I even knew of instances where friendships became very strained because of it.

BUT HEY!...Put yourself on the world wide web... and your work is there for all to see ( and copy!)
It's not just craft work..it is also ideas ...original ideas which are then snitched by others and passed off as their own brill ideas.

Anyway, back to last year!
My good friend, who is a writer, said:
' Sal, why don't you write an article about this?'
So I did...and then I became rather unwell.
And the article remained in draft form...until now!

I've decided to roll it out, in order to, hopefully, promote some useful discussion.
And so, may I present to you, my article, written last summer . It's interspersed with a few funnies (copied from the internet!!! LOL!!) to break up the lengthy text!

Grab yourself a cuppa!
When you've read it, I'd love your views about the subject.


Artist or copycat? Creator or cheat?

I have always believed that, in life, there are two types of people :
 those who are imaginative and those who are not.
There are those who create in so many different ways, (writers, musicians, artists ,crafters) and there are those who would not know creativity if it jumped up and bit them on the nose!
It might not be their fault; they might be made that way i.e. it's in their genes, i.e. they might have had the creativity drummed out of them at school (it does happen, frequently) or they might just be plain lazy and find it easier to simply copy others.

Of course, when we are born, we learn by imitating. It's a natural learning process. It's something that we encourage our babies to do all the time and we heap on the praise when they succeed. So it's hardly surprising that they grow up thinking it perfectly fine to copy others.

But when does the imitating stop? Well,with some people, never!
And is it a bad thing anyway? Sadly, in the eyes of many, it is.
I will explain.

In recent years, a new kind of community has rapidly grown. It's an online community, a wonderful community known as the blogging community.
Bloggers are a fascinating crowd who live all over the world and obviously have varying interests. This has resulted in this massive community sorting themselves into unique 'sets', depending on their interests. And it is the 'set' of 'crafting/vintage bloggers' to which I loosely belong.

Ah! The Crafty Bloggers! It almost sounds like a new rock group, don't you think? I rather like the name and I've enjoyed being part of this community for almost two years. I've met new people, joined in with two vintage and handmade fairs, and so the whole experience of blogging has restored my faith in the human race. Or so I thought, until recently.

In history, many groups of artists have emerged, be it the Romantics, the Impressionists, the Pre Raphaelite Brotherhood, etc. But now, ladies and gents’, allow me to introduce you to the new kids on the block. Drum roll, please, for ...

The Copycats!

You know the sort.
You have a brilliant idea. You spend your time thinking of the idea, you gather together your materials - having spent your well earned money - and you create to your heart’s content, carefully, until you are happy with your finished product. Then you step back, observe your original design, pat yourself on the back for truly believing that here is something both original and unique. You photograph it for other bloggers to enjoy and then go to bed, quite satisfied.

But horror of horrors!
In a flash, the demons strike and you find that 'cheap imitation copies' are being passed off as 'all my own work' on A.N.Other's blog.
You think I jest?
Without any exaggeration this is what is happening within the community to which I belong.
I am not talking about an isolated incident either. It's a regular occurrence.
The Copycats are out in their droves, it seems, either copying, exactly, the unique art of others or , failing that, slightly altering it in some way.

'Oh, but the original creators should be so flattered. They should take it as a compliment!' I hear some of you shout.

Yes, we all know that famous phrase, 'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.'
But this is no consolation for those marvellous, creative people, who have worked hard and designed and devised something new, only to find their work reproduced and, to rub salt into the wound, put up for sale!

Indeed, this is a massive subject for debate.
In the red corner, there are now those who are spitting mad about being copied.
And in the blue corner, there are those who are quite happy to 'snitch' to their hearts content!
Anyone in the red corner will understand where I'm coming from. As for the blues...!
Ultimately, this is leading to the breakdown of friendships within the bloggers world.

Furthermore, blogging for me (and I hope for most people), is actually a sharing and celebration of ideas.
The question is:

Do I want my own crafting ideas copied and given back to me wrapped in a different ribbon?
Of course not!

And so I ask this question: What do you think?
'Think' ...now there's another interesting word as generally I don't believe that those in the blue corner have been taught to think!
After all, if you copy continually, you don't need those thought processes.

Meanwhile, whilst you are preparing your 'original' (no copying others) answers, I'll leave you with this :

'It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation'. (Herman Melville)

As for me...I have some marking to be getting on with...



Isobel said...

Hi Sal,
Now that is a subject for a huge debate. I am totally up for the sharing of ideas and inspiration as long as we keep the original thinker of the idea or who inspired you known, but to openly and completely copying someone's work or idea and claim as your own is not nice at all. Like you said, you spend time, money and effort to create something unique and see it somewhere else being showed as others works is painful to say the least. I've been there, saw it and it was not pleasant at all.

MelMel said...

Wow....lot to think about there Sal.....I might make something I've seen on a blog....I will say if I've been inspired to do so, however, I'm not selling these items as my own creations.....I'm just making something for my home. Its very tricky, also housey mags have loads of stuff in them that can be copied, shops too......its a real grey area...I think it would be most annoying if you have produced a product and blogged and then you see that product being sold on one of the popular selling sites and its selling well and your one is not, then I think that would be very upsetting.
I think in a world where we are exposed to so much craft/making wise, its really hard to feel as though you are an individual, sad fact is its possibly always going to happen..mainly because its hard to track down with any certainty, as to had the orignal idea first...
My friend Denise (Tilly Ba Lou) had a big problem with this.....she makes wooden shaker hearts and Doves, they had a particular "look" and "style" to them that would make you think...AHA Tilly Ba Lou...however one well known company and a few smaller ones copied most of her designs using inferior materials.....in the end she had to copyright her products......a long winded process.....

I do think that there is a lot of lovely ppl out there in blogland who share designs and ideas and are happy to, but its very sad when its your job and you're trying to earn a crust....and you feel a bit stepped on....


KC'sCourt! said...

I'm standing with you in the RED corner Sal. Very SORRY naughty me copying you! But I am a cross-stitch designer, I specialise in Samplers, you could say I have copied others but can assure you the designs are all MINE! and I knit and crochet, and patchwork, at the moment I am creating something in patchwork I have not seen yet, well at least I don't think I have seen any, but I expect there will be something like it out there somewhere sometime! Another Example - I created some mittens about twenty years ago for my boys my design, they were "puppets" it was the only way I could get them to keep there mittens on them on in the cold weather. Anyway a few years ago I made them again with a some yarn which was sold in the shop I work in. I should have been suspicious at them time but the shop was busy and I served this woman, she was smartly dressed a bit too smart, and quite honestly I had never seen her before because you get to know the "locals" she asked to buy the mittens which were meant for a child she tried them on and claimed they were for a 'friend' a few months later a rep came to the shop showing the owner some knitting patterns and there they were MY mittens, I said they look like mine and the rep thought I was joking! I don't think so..... and the my boss also said they looked like mine too....... What could I do, me the little minnow in the great big sea! My bos decided not to purchase the patterns which I thought was very kind of her.

Pomona said...

I do agree with you entirely, Sal, and really sympathize with those of you trying to make a living with your crafting when you suffer from copyists. I come from an academic background where plagiarism will get you thrown out of the academy, and I became quite paranoid about accidentally plagiarizing when I was writing my thesis - but my supervisor very wisely told me that true plagiarism never happens by accident. Unfortunately for creative crafters there is no policing authority - I personally would find it dishonest and immoral to pass someone else's ideas off as my own, but although I can create with words, on the crafting front I tend to work from patterns, and just make things as presents. However, even if just blogging about things made for myself from a pattern I would always link to the pattern or book from which it came - it is a matter of courtesy, and awarding credit where it is due.

I am sorry that you have suffered from this - it must be so distressing when you have worked hard to develop an idea to see someone else trying to profit from your industry.

Pomona x

Simone said...

A few years back I wrote to a famous chocolate company to say that I would like them to make a walnut whip in white chocolate with a strawberry fondant filling. My idea was 'rejected' and they said they put a lot of research into new products before bringing them out. Some time later a limited edition of white chocolate walnut whips with strawberry fondant centres came out in M & S!!!

twiggypeasticks said...

I think there is a HUGE difference between being inspired by something and just copying it. I've always enjoyed doing my own thing and feel that people that are followers rather than original thinkers are pretty sad. It is difficult in blogland when you don't copyright your work and must be frustrating when others copy your ideas and make a profit from it.
It's always nice I feel to give a name check to those who have helped us out in the ideas department. I spent several years doing a degree and always listed all my sources as I was paranoid about being accused of plagiarism.
I love to be inspired by art, colour, sculpture, fabric, etc, etc but would never rip off someone elses work like for like it is VERY naughty.
End of essay.
twiggy x

Country Cottage Chic said...

This is a can of worms Sal.
It is disappointing when you come up with an original idea which is successful & then it is copied willy-nilly all over the place.

I've read recently of a few incidents where people who blog about their work have had it highjacked by others & then sold to big retailers as their own work - very naughty.


About the Bumble Bee said...

Hi Sal,

I think to find inspiration in others work is fine. When you look back throughout history numerous art movements have been formed as a result of ‘copying’ ideas but adding a twist and making them your own.

Straight out and out copying is quite frankly PATHETIC! People passing themselves off as creative when really they are in fact imaginative wastelands with little or no creative spark so they warm themselves at others creative fire.

I always smile when I read people’s ‘copyright’ written on the side of their blog – hell I have one myself but what protection do they really offer? Truth be told probably none, but they make us feel better :)


About the Bumble Bee said...

Hi Sal,

I think to find inspiration in others work is fine. When you look back throughout history numerous art movements have been formed as a result of ‘copying’ ideas but adding a twist and making them your own.

Straight out and out copying is quite frankly PATHETIC! People passing themselves off as creative when really they are in fact imaginative wastelands with little or no creative spark so they warm themselves at others creative fire.

I always smile when I read people’s ‘copyright’ written on the side of their blog – hell I have one myself but what protection do they really offer? Truth be told probably none, but they make us feel better :)


frayedattheedge said...

I don't think there is any easy solution to this. I have seen all sorts of requests/demands on blogs to respect copyright, but I think if you are going to post patterns and designs, then you have to accept the risk that they can be copied by unscrupulous people. There is of course a difference bewteen stealing and profiting from someone else's work and simply making it for yourself. I guess if you want to protect yourself as much as possible, you don't show enough details of your work to be copied, just enough to encourage people to buy it!!

Andi's English Attic said...

If I thought I had inspired anyone I would feel SO delighted. If anyone copied my work and passed it off as their own, I would be MAD as H***.
There is a line between being inspired and copying. Most of us see and respect it, others can't see it at all and are either b******s or very sad people. xx

Julie said...

I think I'm a little purple on this one. Taking someone's work, copying it precisely and then selling it is just not on, in my book, it's illegal and immoral and outrageous and must drive people who are creative absolutely to distraction. It is Stealing, no matter what terms it's dressed up in, and it's such a shame that it is so difficult to get proper redress when this does happen.

However, seeing something you like on a blog, in a shop, in a magazine, making it in your own fashion for yourself or your own home, ie not creating it to make a profit, well, I see that as a fruitful creative exchange, which spreads the creativity through the community and creates a dynamic energy. Although I do think, if you go on to blog about it, as a courtesy, a link back to the origianl inspiration and a word of thanks does no harm. Definitely one for debate though.

LoloDesigns said...

A topic close to any designers heart and also a copyright nightmare!

Inspiration to make something from a product you have seen be it magazine, shop, internet, friends house etc is fine. We've all done it and tweaked it through colour, size etc to suit our own tastes for our own use. Why shops themselves do it everyday producing fast fashion/decor based on the expensive designers but at a fraction of the cost and we all buy them.

If we all really looked at the things we make I bet they appeared somewhere in the world over the past decades/centuries just not identical. And therein lies the problem it is when someone does an absolute like for like copy does not credit the original creator and goes ahead and puts it out there as their own creation. Not acceptable but hard to police.

The internet is a wonderful tool with some wonderful people on it but we have to be careful. If we truly design an original and want it known and sold that way then we must protect ourselves and officially copyright it.

Gosh that was a bit of a long reply! Sorry folks! Good to have a discussion on this, thanks Sal. x

all kinds of everything said...

I am totally agree with you !
When I was at art academy there was only one answer to copying;”You can go!”
That was a small world with clear rules
The internet is a great source of inspiration.
Where people share and give ideas to each other, and inspirited to make things in your own way.
I think this must be the rules for the internet:
If you see such a lovely design you really want to copy, you can …
Buy the book or pattern,
Grab a free pattern and say thank you
Or ask permission
But always!!!!!!! link to the designer’s name!Is this naive?
I have heard from artists who have find there own artwork for sale at Ebay

Wow, that is a long answer in my maybe not so good English.

BusyLizzie said...

morning Sal, brilliant piece of thought provoking writing. I am with you all the way. Lizzie x
PS yes, I will be at the Flea on Saturday, see you there to continue the debate....

Cowboys and Custard said...

Oh Sal... three cheers for speaking up where others have failed. ( I speak for myself)..
As an artist and designer who struggles to come up with original ideas I find it totally soul destroying when I find that my ideas have been copied elsewhere and particularly by those who have been privvy to my creative processes. I think it wreaks of lack of imagination and consideration.
It is of course .. very difficult to prove that someone has copied an idea of yours.. but sometimes it is so blatant. I have several friends who have been victims of copycats and I know we share the same feelings of despair.. particularly when ones work is one's livelihood.

This topic could run and run.. It has certainly put the cat among the pigeons...!!


Ragged Roses said...

A very timely and thought provoking post Sal, thanks for writing it! As for me, I hsve a very soft spot for Red, it's alL about finding our own voice...

Guenievre said...

Bonjour !
C'est un "grand" débat d'idées que vous lancez Sal.

Malheureusement, je ne peux pas exprimer toute mon opinion sur le sujet en anglais ... je ne connais pas tout le vocabulaire ... Je mets donc, brièvement, mon opinion.
Il est certain qu'avec le développement d'internet et des blogs, on retrouve (plus ou moins) les mêmes décorations, bricolages, etc ... sur beaucoup de blogs. C'est un fait.
On "pioche" des idées un peu partout : magazines, livres,émission TV, un paysage dans la nature et ... les blogs.
L'inspiration est une chose, là où cela me dérange, c'est quand cela est du copiage litéral (une reproduction presque exacte) Je n'aime pas.
Je pense qu'il faut faire preuve d'originalité. Créer avec son propre imaginaire est beaucoup plus gratifiant. Je comprends que cela dérange les créatrices bloggeuses, je ne pense pas que j'aimerai être "trop" copiée. Mais, pour le moment je n'ai pas de blog (je n'aurai pas le temps de m'en occuper) je n'ai pas ce problème. Mes petites créations personnelles décorent ma maison, celles de ma famille et amis, il n'y a qu'eux pour les regarder.
Ohh, my God ... sorry for all these French words but it was easier for me to express my opinion in my own language :-)
I understand if you and all your blog's readers don't read, LOL.
Continuez à créer, vous faîtes de jolies choses.

summerfete said...

As you know I strive to be different, as in my last post!

I have noticed how certain things get copied which stops me now from posting anything too creative.

I am also aware of the bigger companies (some of which bloggers themselves love eh-hem).
there is a whole wealth of creative bloggers just giving away their ideas.

Nobody is immune to it. I just try to be inspired.

A blogger once wrote that she bought something for her home that really wasnt her style??

There is a certain amount of keeping up with the jonesis in this blog world!

ps. whats with the fabric corsage thing? Once you've seen one you've seen um all!! Dont do it!!

Clare xx

Menopausal musing said...

Third attempt at leaving this.....

I had a tutor who gave very good advice on this: her attitude was to try hard and shrug your shoulders whilst at the same time feeling sorry that someone lacked the creativity/ingenuity to come up with an original idea of their own. She also said to remember that if your were truly creative you would have plenty more ideas where the stolen one came from.

And just to try and bring some levity into the situation, did the copying in question involve string?
(Just a wicked thought) :O))))))))
(Plenty more where that one came from!)

Sal said...

Just spending the day brushing up on my French, Guenievre!!

Thank you everyone for all your comments so far!
I am sure there will be more to follow!
Please do feel free to comment again , if you so wish!!


galant said...

Very well said, Sal. And whilst some things are obviously copied - a blogger having seen some item on someone else's blog and then blatently copying this idea - there is another line of thinking: that people can come up with the same idea at the same time. This happens in writing. A few years ago there were several novels on a musical theme, all of them written, I feel sure, quite independently of each other, books about orchestras, or people who played musical instruments, or with just music in the title. Are these people copying one another or have they had the same or similar idea at the same time? It is just possible that some people are not copying although I do feel in my water that, in the case of the blogging rather than the literary world, most of them are!

Kelly said...

Ah! I have noticed this! Sometimes It's good to get inspiration from others but to steal other people's ideas and profit from them is plain wrong!
To be fair we all like simmilar things and it is difficult sometimes to know who is the origional (for example our little community is overrun by stuffed hearts!)
But where something is clearly somone else's style or idea I can undestand how this would offend and upset! (other people not affected directly do notice when someone is copying thought!)
I myself have long wanted to set up a little blogshop with Victoria but we are holding out to have the perfect vision and be unique, as much for ourselves as to not offend!
I hardly ever show my crafting on my blog as a result! Sad but opens another question! Do we sometimes share more than we should, or too soon?

val said...

Totally with you Sal! Brave of you to post what you have. I enjoy looking and being inspired by other crafty bloggers and indeed making what they have inspired in me, but NOT ever to sell as if it were mine.
When I blog about the inspirations I have received I always link back to the lovely blogger who inspired me.
Judy Garland said: "Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else. ~Judy Garland"
I think that's a good place to stand.
Thankyou for being one of my Inspirations!
Blessings, Val

A Country Girl said...

A can of worms indeed!
As someone who only makes things for herself, I take inspiration from many places - shops, internet, magazines and blogs. But as I don't sell anything I think that is fine. There is a differnce between inspiration and copying of course.
And there are clear 'trends' in blogland too. Every other blog seems to feature crocheted bunting at the moment. It would be very hard to track down who blogged theirs first.
I see no harm in liking something, trying to make it yourself BUT it is very important to give things a personal twist and make them yours.

Carol said...

I can imagine it is heartbreaking when someone steals your creations.
I do find the "craft" blogs inspirational, I now crochet and love doing it.
I don't have a blog, neither have I sold anything I have made by following an on line tutorial. I often see things and think "ooh, I would love to make something like that" but if I did I wouldn't just copy it unless the blogger had said you could (such as Lucy aka Attic24 who encourages people to join in).

ginny said...

hi sal, thank you for blogging about this... i am reading your comments with interest.
i naturally love to share ideas and really enjoy now being in a position where i can (through the books).
when we worked commercially selling our creations we had to be aware that we may be copied. we did join ACID to help with design protection and we decided to keep coming up with new ideas too.

i feel it is wrong to blatantly and knowingly copy someones designs, though i also feel that there is so much visual information available at our fingertips these days which we all absorb whether we realize it or not. this sometime may resurface in anothers work and anothers.. etc and so on ... this is how trends and similarities can evolve which is where things can get tricky.

i often discuss with my sister about what makes an 'original' idea.
Years ago we were making Christmas stockings... a friend wanted to make some herself to sell locally ... she asked us if we minded... i was surprised as 'a stocking is a stocking'... there is no copyright on the concept...only the way it is created... she made some and they were in her own creative style and were beautiful.

alice and i hope that people will be inspired by our ideas and it always gives us a thrill when we see creations made from our books... it is a different story though when one passes off the design as their own, aims to sell it on their website and also lifts our text word for word... now that is naughty and i am surprised that people would think that that would be ok! (this has actually happened and we were shocked).

i also want to say that it is wonderful that so many folk are enjoying creating and sharing ideas here in the blog world and i would urge people to follow their own aesthetic... i do think that everyone is creative and has their own ideas... it is a question of confidence not lack of skill.

finally i will leave this very long comment with a question... now who did come up with the idea of a union jack cushion... was it Paul Smith?
warmest wishes
ginny x

A Time to Dance said...

Hi Sal, I hate and I mean hate anyoe copying anything and I mean anything that I have especially clothes...I try very very hard to be an individual...I know this is another debate, but its a very difficult one when its your best friend who always asks where you bought things which shop or website etc...then buys the same, usually in a sale too....I cant tell lies so we end up doing double acts at work, much to the amusement of the kids...but I dont want to hurt her either...my way round it is to start making my own clothes now....but it is really hard

our shabby cottage said...

Yes, a very tricky subject indeed! I had someone copying everything i did on ebay right down to her page layouts and store layout not to mention the products themselves. I felt infuriated. To blatantly copy is one thing, to draw inspiration and make it your own is another. But it is a very fine line......

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Hi Sal

What a superb article. I have to say I am thankful that I sell the vintage wherewithall for people to use in their creations, rather than sell my own work. But in recent months I have felt the need to be creative once again after almost 20 years of non-creativity.

Sadly, by writing my thoughts about blatant copying in answer to a specific on a blog last year, I was blackballed by the copycat blogger. But life's too short for me to worry too much about that. In addition, a 4-year friendship came to an end when I chose to 'sit on the fence' rather than take sides between 2 friends. Such a shame, and so unnecessary.

I'm definitely in the red corner and am being careful in my own re-found creativity to ensure that I'm not intentionally copying anything that I've seen on the blogs. Whatever I choose to make I apologise in advance if it's remotely like anything any of you makes, but rest assured that whilst I may offer it for sale it will not be mass-produced and won't be a threat. I don't have the time!

If I return to making some of the items I made in the 70s and 80s I will probably be regarded as copying some of the current ideas - I used to make cushions, dorothy bags (drawstring bags to the uninitiated), lavender bags and so on ... if I still had the originals I could sell them as vintage!!! They were certainly made with what is now known as 'vintage fabric'!

That was a long one - sorry Sal ;o)

Sue x

Vintage from the Village said...

Just a note to say , thank you so much for commenting on my new blog !
I was so excited to see some people actually read it !
It means a lot to me
Very best wishes and have a great day

Carol said...

Re Sue's comment - I was only thinking yesterday that I have things I made in the 70's and 80's such as lavendar bags made with Laura Ashley fabric and old lace, hexagon patchwork cushions and pincushions etc. I can see very similar on blogs. However, these items are truly my personally designed vintage items (just like me -"vintage" that is!)

Anonymous said...

Oooh - this has left me feeling bemused and guilty. I don't sell my items (having tried and failed miserably), but I am not a naturally creative person. I read other blogs in order to be inspired and find ideas. Maybe I shouldn't?...

Linda Gilbert said...

Hi Sal
Well something to think on.I am sure there will be as many opinions as ideas.

I think it really depends on your motives and felt really sorry when I read The last post.Please enjoy looking at peoples ideas.

If you are making something for yourself, for charity or for no financial gain I think its fine to use other peoples ideas for inspiration.Hardly ever do you end up with a complete copy.

I have been thrilled to find patterns and inspiration and tutorials for my crafting projects, mostly for charity on the internet - a lot on blogs and some kind people actually invite you to copy their item completely and are glad you find their ideas so inspiring. I always give credit and provide a link to the persons blog. I have also asked for advice on how to make my "Copying" more successful. I have made new "friends!" in this way-- and they still talk to me!

Maybe our motives in posting our ideas in Blogland may contain an element of wanting to become popular,get lots of comments, boost our ego?

As I say I can see if you are making a business selling your ideas and projects it might be annoying but the internet is a very public place so maybe its best not to post things there that you are unduly worried about.I love to see how people manage to put such different slants on the same idea.

If anyone wants to peep over at my blog you can copy whatever you want. I would be chuffed and take it as a compliment but that's just me.!

And if you would like to copy the idea of the " Lapacuddlyghans " and donate them to charity even better

Linda Gilbert said...

I left a long missive on this topic and it disappeared into the ether so I will just say to Helen-- don't worry and feel guilty you can pop over to my blog and copy what you like BUT I am not in the position of trying to make a living out of my pursuits
Lots of peaceful wishes to all

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh i just stumbled across your blog and what a great post which makes you ponder! I know how you feel, I have created a site which has literally had big chunks copied from it and only the threat of legal action makes people remove 'my' content off their site - how sad are they that they can't think of their own content. Regarding arty things, I must admit to using others for inspiration for things at home. If I ever do blog about this, I do however make sure I put a link to where i got the idea so the original person gets the credit which I think is only fair.

Louise said...

You've hit a nerve Sal! I am becoming increasingly disillusioned with the blogging community. There seems to be a general mentality of having to imitate each other, to slavishly follow fads, or to wait for someone to tell them what to do. There's a definite lack of individuality. On the other hand, for example, I take my photos in a certain way, and I know I didn't come up with the idea first. It is highly likely an idea has been had before, and we all imitate/copy in some form. What I can say is I've been blogging since 2007, and my blog has always been 100% about me. Maybe this is the answer to the question why comments on my blog have dropped off dramatically! x