Friday, 12 March 2010

Friday Snippets! ;-)

Recently, I bought some fabric pieces and in the pack were some odd, little pieces which I wasn't expecting!

At times like this, one's little heart skips a beat and one's little cheeks become quite flushed with excitement ! (This appears to be happening a lot to me, just lately..LOL ;-)

These are such lovely pieces , depicting playful, Maytime scenes.

But there was not much of it and so I just used some tiny pieces with the maypole scenes and I've kept the rest for another time.

I made some little folders in which to put some crayons and a couple of mini notepads....for four lucky children at the V&H fair on May 1st.
How apt, I thought!

And then I suddenly remembered the tablecloth!

It's funny how you can simply stumble across things when you are not really looking for them!

Take these napkins for instance.. guaranteed to cheer you up, that's for sure.

And everything is 'coming up roses' in the vintage fabric department! These are the new additions to my shop, today.

We've a busy weekend!
Not only is it Mothering Sunday but also a 'certain someone's' birthday on the same day!
On Saturday, for his birthday treat (!) he is going to the Flea Market at the Exeter Livestock Market!
I'm looking forward to that... and especially to seeing Lizzie (The Washerwoman) with all her wares!
Must remember the camera for that one!
But of course the REAL treat for Mr S will be on Sunday,when he gets his goodies!
I hope he enjoys opening them all ...BUT most of all the one with all the string around it!

And on that note...have a great weekend everyone!

p.s. Winners of my last giveaway will be announced on Monday.


Menopausal musing said...

Did the cover of that magazine say: "Fresh Looks For String"??? Ha! Ha! :O)))))))))

Sal, those little books go brilliantly on that tablecloth. Have a wonderful day on Saturday and pass birthday wishes on to Birthday Boy!

lottie said...

How lovely to get such nice fabric by surprise! I love what you did with it.

I'm a US subscriber to Country Living...the cover of the new issues looks great, can't wait to get mine.


Vintage from the Village said...

What a lovely colour filled post , I love the maypole fabric !
Have a great weekend
Sue x

Bobbie Lynn said...

What sweet fabric. Love the May Pole embroidery there also. Thanks for the lovely bright post today. Have a wonderful Weekend also. It sounds like a lot of fun for you and your family.

Rosie said...

You do find some lovely fabrics, Sal - love the little children in the May scenes and the rose ones too - hope you have a great weekend:)

Pooh's Abode said...

Some great fabrics there, Sal.
Have a great weekend and Happy Birthday to Mr S - hope he enjoys his visit to the Flea Market!
take are

BusyLizzie said...

that maypole fabric is wonderful.. very jealous of that find... looking forward to the flea tomorrow!

Kelly said...

What a lovely surprise!
The little folders look great!

KC'sCourt! said...

Happy Birthday to Mr Snippets. Gorgeous material, particularly the material with the maypole dancers.

Anonymous said...

I am so in love with that fabric! you are right, it is most definitely heart-skippy
love the napkins too. a very droolsome post this ;o)

have a lovely relaxing weekend and a marvelous mothering sunday xxx


val said...

What gorgeous fabric Sal :0) and the tablecloth! But you are quite right ..... the napkins do make you smile and feel a degree lighter! Thank you for an uplifting posting and I hope you have a VERY happy weekend and your special man has a VERY happy Birthday!
Val xx

Andi's English Attic said...

That's very sweet fabric.
Happy birthday to Mr.S(tring). xx

Felicity said...

lovely fabric I was just thinking of may poles!

thanks for your lovely comment about my neighbour hopefully things will improve, they already have a bit so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Fliss xx

Annie said...

Love your maypole dancers fabric Sal it really is pretty. Have a great weekend.
Ann x

Lyn said...

Wow what a colourful springy post, thank you!

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely fabric. Enjoy your day out today, wish Mr Snippets a happy birthday from me :)

summerfete said...

Have a great weekend Sal!

Guenievre said...

As usual : lovely fabrics !
I wish you a very happy "mother day" ( in France, "mother day" is on the 30th of May) and a happy birthday to your husband too !
Great, "Country Living" est sorti ! Je l'attends avec impatience !
Très bon dimanche !

Karen said...

What gorgeous fabric and a great find - Enjoy your weekend Sal :0)

s'me said...

Lovely lovely fabrics!

Enjoy Mothering Sunday!

Simone said...

Happy Birthday for Sunday Mr Snippets! Enjoy opening your presents, especially the string wrapped one!

A Country Girl said...

Love those fabrics - so unusual.
Have a great weekend!

Sarah said...

You really do find some great fabrics Sal! Have a lovely Mother's Day!

clare's craftroom said...

Oh that fabric and the lovely cloth , how beautiful !

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics. Happy Birthday to Mr Snippets! ... :0)

Shirl x

all kinds of everything said...

Beautiful fabric and your tablecloth is great too!
Happy birthday to your husband and a lovely Mothersday to you.
(I have to waith for that day, because in the Netherlands Mothersday is the second Sunday in May)

Florence and Mary said...

Those napkins certainly would brighten up any dining table

Victoria xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Happy Mother's Day meets Happy Birthday to Mr & Mrs Snippets..
Hope the string didn't have too many knots in it!


landcuckoo said...

I love seeing your pictures, they are so bright and jolly with all your delightful fabrics. Have a wonderful weekend with all your celebrations.
Take care
Sarah x