Sunday, 7 March 2010

Honesty...and ...string's the thing ! ;-)

Somebody said to me, only very recently, that they liked my honesty on my blog!!

Well, here's me being very honest:

Taunton is a bit of a dump! LOL ;-)

Oh dear!
If anyone lives in Taunton, knows it well and loves it....I'm sorry!
If it's any consolation, I can be quite scathing about the town in which I live!

(I also withdraw my job application for a vacancy at the Somerset tourist board as I somehow doubt I will make it to the interview stage!)

Do you know , I have tried hard, over the years, to like Taunton.

It's such a quick train journey for us too.

But it always disappoints, apart from the County Stores , which is quite good for food bits and pieces.

It could also have been that the annual coach trip of the, 'National Society of Morons', which coincided with our trip to Taunton, put me in a 'not so good mood'!

I never like to grumble, moan or groan, especially on my blog but...

What is it with people who have no awareness, no respect for others and worse still, have no manners? DUH!

Sorry'll have to go into the same bin as Honiton...another place which many rave about but I always come home disappointed from there as well!!

So....the best bits about Taunton were... err umm.. quite difficult to capture on camera!
Which is why I am desperately trying to pad out this post with some humour , of sorts!


However, the walk from the railway station into the town centre is quite interesting ...lots of charity shops, a junk shop or two, a tiny antiques centre and a lovely flower shop.

We also found the most superb, old fashioned, gentlemen's outfitters, with very old fashioned, friendly service and the best, old fashioned stock of clothing for men that I have seen in a long time.
For Mr S, this was truly a pleasure.
So at least one of us got something from the trip!

I purchased a shirt and tie for him, as an extra birthday pressy. It was wrapped properly and thus he did not have to walk around with a daft, duffle bag, dangling on his back, as per last week!
Mr S has a birthday next Sunday. Never before has his birthday fallen on Mothering Sunday.

I can only hope that I do not get the presents muddled up!!

Otherwise, my dear mum will get a techno present which will completely flummox her, as with the name Apple and Mac on the box, she will think I have given her a packed lunch... LOL..

and not forgetting that shirt , which might pass as a night shirt...but is not her colour anyway.

Dear Mr S could find himself ponging of Lavender, for weeks.

Note to self...Must do the gifts tags asap!

Moving on...

Mr S failed somewhat dismally, yesterday...he only found a penny! One miserable, measly penny.
Another thumbs down for Taunton! Not enough coinage in the gutters!

(However, he did pick up 37 pence in Totnes, on Friday !!)

Ah is a photo, from Taunton, especially for my sister.

Her husband is called Brian.

My dear Mr S, as some of you know, is called Terry.

The funny thing is that this barbers was closed and there was a notice on the door to say that one was ill and one was on holiday or something like that!!

I wonder!

Do Mr S and Mr SSH (Sister Snippets Hubby) really go where they say they go during weekdays?

Plus... there was an 'attraction' very close by and this is it...

If ever there was a shop designed to persuade Mr S to become interested in fabrics, this is it !!
So he says!
We giggled as we stood and took a photo, watched by some amused shoppers and Mr S remarked that he could actually achieve the very same look for me...if I so desired...

with a ball of string!

I will leave that to your imagination and I will move swiftly on.

For me, the highlights of the day (apart from the train ride and my football team going all the way to Darlington and winning! ) was this colourful, flower shop:

We do so love our Saturday outings but we do so love getting back home!

It was on our return home that I received a text telling me that Exeter was buzzing , there was music all over the place and that the city was alive!

You learn by your mistakes, eh?!

I have to dash!

I have a date with Mr S and .....a ball of string!
And I don't think we'll be doing Macrame!




KC'sCourt! said...

It's OK I don't live in Taunton either! I know what you mean though I prefer Exeter and Totnes too! The County Stores cafe/restaurant has just gone down hill too, my hour and half leisurely lunch turnd into a twenty minute rush, but the charity shops are great in my mind I do pick up a few bargains!
Julie xxxxxxx

Lalabibaby said...

That was so funny Sal .... never been to Taunton myself but can sympathise as I live in a dump of a town too .... chav central ;-)

galant said...

We went to Taunton once when younger son was 11 and he wanted a Tauntaun (I think it was called), one of the Star Wars figures (geddit? Tauntaun from Taunton - if I recall it was a sheep-like animal) which are now fetching silly prices for mint condition figures in their original packing but which said son sold in order to buy some roller boots a year or two later! Anyway, to the trip to Taunton, c1984. Best remembered for the train journey there and back. Train 1, Taunton Nil.
It doesn't sound like much has changed in the intervening quarter of a century!
OOh, Sal and Mr S getting tied in knots ... the mind boggles!
Margaret P

Linda Gilbert said...

I don't know Taunton really at all but I shan't bother going.
Glad you found some good bits though. Shall look forward to the demonstration picture of the string sculpturing!!
Love Linda

Menopausal musing said...

We will of course expect you to publish piccies of Mr Snippet's foray into textile design! A really funny and delightful post Sal :O))))))))))))))))))))

Guenievre said...

Ahh, ahhh ! Votre post est très drôle !
We went to Taunton many years ago, but I do confess I don't remember how was the town ... I have a look on my photos' album to remember it as soon as I switch off the computer.
Have a great Sunday !

Simone said...

It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out that Mr 'Snippets' worked in a Barbers shop, he's definitely got the right name for it!!! I hope you can get on with some crafting this afternoon and not get too 'tied up' with Mr Snippets!

Bobbie Lynn said...

You are too funny Sal. If feel the same way about places in California such asDown Town Los Angeles. I hate the traffic getting there and it smells and I can go on. I have a few others to add to the list. I tell people to go up to Northern California once you have visited Disneyland. There are nice places in Southern California but if I had my chose and could afford it I would be up north. I was born and raised a So. Cal Girl and have seen nice places just go to the dumps also. Very sad.
I guess every state and country have there dumps. I never thought England had theirs. If I plan a trip to England I will be sure to check with you first. : ) Have a great day and I just love the photos of the flowers. There are beautiful.

frayedattheedge said...

I must make a note of all the places that you do and don't like, in case I visit your part of the world some time!! I hope Mr S was a Boy Scout in his youth, so he knows how to knot the string .....

Ellouise88 said...

You have to explore the little alleyways in Taunton. There is quite a nice fabric shop down one and a lovely card and knick knacks shop down another. I do know what you mean though; Marathon Runner hates Taunton! Disappointed you don't like Honiton but in my heart I know what you mean! Have you tried Axminster lately? I had a lovely little jolly around there the other day. A few charity shops, some arty things, one or two knick knack shops, a lovely old fashioned sweet shop and a good, not too expensive, antique place in Castle Street. Only a small town though; maybe not enough to keep you going all day! You might have to call into Honiton and have a cup of tea with me!

galant said...

I don't know about Sal, but the last time I was in Axminster it was the summer of 1969. I was pregnant with our first son and felt not-very-well because of the heat of the day. I decided to pop into the church and have a little sit-down but as soon as I went in I was faced with a coffin surrounded by flowers - it was either there waiting for a funeral to begin, or waiting to be taken out afterwards. It was strange to see it there, all on its own. I suddenly felt much better and went out into the sunshine and off in search of a cafe for a cup of tea instead!
Margaret P

VintageVicki said...

Chuckling about MrS's comment about the string - sort of thing MrVV says!

Kelly said...

have fun with the string!!! You do make me laugh!

Karen said...

Don't think I have ever been to Taunton, if I have I don't remember so obviously was not much there - LOL!!!

Great post, loved reading it - have fun with the string!!

Cowboys and Custard said...

I loved reading this Sal... say it how it is and sometimes there is no way to gild a lily.. a rotten one at that!
Now curiosity could get the better of me and I might have to go and have a look at Taunton for myself.. but I don't 'do' rude people.. and there are enough of them about in our fair city.
Better start with cat's cradle first and work from there..

Andi's English Attic said...

I believe we've stopped off at Taunton service station on our way to Cornwall, but not visited the town.
We have in our area what I call the 'ME' culture. 'You WILL give way to ME because I'm far more important than you.' I hate it and it sounds like you got the Taunton equivalent.
String, huh? Be careful, it can chafe!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh and I thought honesty a plant with lovely seed heads!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all that!

Pretty flowers though, oh and do let us know how it goes with the string?

Sarah x

About the Bumble Bee said...

Hi Sal,

I take your Taunton and raise you the entire Island of Guernsey!

Well to be fair it is not quite that bad but you never seem to be able to find what you want when you want it. Jeans, for example. If I need to get my son a pair of jeans we have three shops to choose from Island wide and if they are all sold out of size 11, which has happened, then to bad knobbly knees your legs get a wee bit chilly.

But enough of my ranting – I have taken note of what is note worthy in Taunton and will decide about whether to visit it the next time we are on the mainland.

Anonymous said...

unlike Taunton your blog is a tonic and i love visiting it. your humour, honesty and good taste are legendary in blogland,
wishing you a good week and a happy bithday to mr.s. hope you have a lovely mothering sunday too xxx


all kinds of everything said...

Such a funny post! you make me laugh!Love the header.
I just found your post about the chimney pots:
They are great! Then I was lost in time: reading all your garden posts
I agree with you: These lovely flower pictures make my heart sing too :)))

Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Love this post! Am late, so can't write more!! Wrote to much in the previous comment!!

Sue xx