Monday, 15 March 2010


Does anyone know from whence the term 'flea market' originates?
I've read that it originated in France and that there were so many fleas in the goods for sale, in the outdoor markets, so that's how the name came about.
However, after further investigation (like I really have the time for this!) I read that there could be a Dutch origin.

If anyone knows...please enlighten me!
Meanwhile, I am 'itching' to take you to the Exeter Flea market!!!

As soon as I walked into the market, I met a lovely lady called Philippa.

She has no blog or shop but she does this flea market regularly and also the Chagford flea....and she had some fab stuff on offer!

Situated next to her was a wonderful show of vintage games,tins etc.

Apparently this tin, below, depicting the car , people etc is very rare!

In the middle of the market was a colourful display of Spring flowers.

A welcome sight....along with...

Lizzie! (The Washerwoman)

It's always nice to see a friendly face (or should I say feet!) when you go to such events!

Umm..well here is Lizzie ...standing with her wares.

I bought this sweet little apron from her

Along with this basket with some Pansies in old terracotta pots, from Philippa.
I was very good..after all it was not my birthday weekend, was it?!

Mr Snippets was quite touched by everyone's best wishes for a great weekend and he has penned a thank you:

"Thanks" for all your birthday best wishes,

Cards, presents, wine and the food was most delicious!

The efforts of Mrs S, was really quite a slog.

She gave me undivided attention and neglected her blog!

Now clearing up the wrapping paper, well here is just the thing...

Whatever shall I do with all this string?


! ;)



The two names out of the hat and the winners of my giveaway for the two little lavender pouches are :

Sue at Dollytub cottage



Please email me your addresses!

Have a great Monday, everyone!


Kelly said...

Ha ha Mr S is a comic! His poem made me giggle!
The flea market looks lovley! V and I are off to our local(ish) antiques shopping area next week. Can't wait!

Andi's English Attic said...

I laughed out loud when I read the little poem. Thanks for that, Mr. S.
Also, thanks for the lovely pics. Such wonderful things to look at. I love the milk churn with the flower, the orange plaid blanket. The doll's house looks like mine (still got it) and I HAD A MAGIC ROBOT game. How that brought back memories. Thanks for the trip to Exeter.
Btw - don't forget the local cinema was usually known as the 'local fleapit' as well. At least, ours was!

Menopausal musing said...

Flea market looked wonderful! Loved all the enamelware!

Re Mr Snippet and his string:

"I've wracked my brains and thought perchance.....

he could craft himself a pair of pants!..........."

(They might make his eyes water though)

Hen said...

Funnily enough Sal, Harry and I were debating where the term flea market comes form when we went to Shepton Mallet a few weeks ago.
Looks like some good booty, you were a very good girl!
Hen x
P.S. Posted on Saturday.

galant said...

Absolutely delighted to be a winner in the draw! Will email my address!
No idea of the origin of flea markets but the people who are really top class on origins are The Oxford Words and Language Service (OWLS). I would think, as the term suggests, that the things on offer also had a contingent of fleas!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Oooooh, I'll watch with interest, I'd love to know where the name came from too. It did remind me though of my sister's name for Jumble Sale when she was little. She called it a "Jungle Sale." When we got there, she was most disappointed that there weren't any lions and tigers for sale! SueXX

Isobel said...

It would be really hard to come out of this market empty handed. Lots of amazing stuff around!

KC'sCourt! said...

Now there is somewhere I am going to have to seek out!
Julie xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

The term "flea market" is in fact an old Deb'mshur (Devonshire) term often heard from some great distances throughout the county, particularly of a Saturday morning.
Men of all ages upon escorting their wives around town would use the term and holler it at the top of their voices upon seeing some stall or other, selling fabrics, bric-a-brac and perfectly good furniture to do over. Upon hearing this warning, men would flee the market and head for the nearest tavern that only had a public bar where women were not allowed and things was left as tiz.
Seldom was it ever heard rolling of the lips of the fairer sex unless it was used in mockery to chide their menfolk upon returning home the worse for wear for drink.

Vintage from the Village said...

The flea market looks fab !
My husband travels up to Exeter to work every day so probably wouldn't fancy it too much on a Sunday as well, will have to wait until he has something else to do and pay a visit on my own ( lovely!)
Sue x

Julie said...

Sal - that looks great - when and where is it held ? (and how come I don't know about it!!)

Midsummer Stitches said...

that market looked fabulous! your post are quite an education :-)

Kitty said...

That looks like a wonderful flea market. I've never wondered before from where the name comes ... now you've got me wondering! x

Shirl said...

Glad Mr S had a wonderful birthday. Lots of lovely things at the flea market; especially the games.

You are so lucky having such lovely places to visit nearby! ... :0)

Shirl x

BusyLizzie said...

So good to see you both & thank you for blogging my feet!!! The stall looked a lot better earlier in the day, but we had sold a LOT by the time you arrived! Lizzie x

Linda Gilbert said...

Glad you both had a lovely weekend. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr H
Kindest Regards Linda

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

I knew that I should've driven for 2 hours to get there on Saturday!

twiggypeasticks said...

ha ha great poem Mr S !! some lovely goodies at the flea market.
twiggy x

Louise said...

There used to be a large flea-market in Newhaven in an old church. I always remember finding three of the large Cornishware storage jars for my collection, in perfect condition. I haven't been over that way for a while, so I don't know if it's still there? Me and my Mum also used to go for a good rummage around the one in Kemp Town too. There are treasures to be had in flea-markets. I like yours. x

Yvonne said...

Ooooooh.. I didn't know about this market... I must go next time.... when is that?

Your pictures bring back so many memories... am I really THAT old!!!


Josie-Mary said...

ooohhh that looks so much fun, I think I would've treated myself to more :) x

Rosie said...

Fleas or no fleas it all looks good fun with lots of beautiful bargains to be had - I wonder what the origin of flea market is - would love to know:)

Country Cottage Chic said...

I alwaysthought it originated because they used to sell second hand clothes at a market & of course in thosedays they were full of fleas!

No fleas at that nice market though - lovely things!


all kinds of everything said...

I would really like shopping there. You've purchased beautiful things! It’s funny that in each country name is the same:
English; fleamarket, France; Marché aux puces, Netherlands; vlooienmarkt; Germany; Flohmarkt...
Really easy when you're on vacation:)

louise said...

I would need a vintage wheelbarrow to bring everything I like home oh and a bottomless purse!
Definately a to visit!

Things Hand Made said...

It looks a good place for a rummage. there is a good one in Malvern once a month

thevintagemagpie said...

Sal, I've nearly hyperventilated at this post... I didn'tknow there was a flea market at Exeter, and Phillipa's stall..oh my and Lizzie was there too? Ok.. I need details.. when and where. I need to get there pronto!! xx