Saturday, 2 May 2009

A tale of two I love them both ;-)

Last November, I completely fell in love !
Every minute in this wonderful city was pure joy and the place had a lasting effect on me.
There is not a day goes by when I don't think about our visit; that amazing Minster ;
Shambles shopping; Jorvik treasures ; ninety nine visits to CK (LOL) ; coffee in Bettys and that pretentious waiter (it has to be said!); shivering ourselves silly at York City football club (where, coincidentally, Torquay United were playing that very fortunate was that?)
and the wonderful, fabulous railway museum...
I purchased these... reproductions of the old British Railways posters, of which I am a huge fan.

I've also recently discovered this little series of books and was delighted to find this one at Abe Books, one of my fave places for browsing when I have the time to spare.

I loved York with a passion and I do so hope that I'll return soonish!

You know,thinking of York City's 'vintage' football ground, reminds me of this vintage book cover...

I spotted this in my dad's bookcase last week!
Vintage footy at its best!
Just look at that garb!
More hunks on this blog..this is all getting too much for me!

How those days of baggy shorts were just so wonderful, in many ways.

Which reminds me...
A massive well done to Exeter City.
Back to back promotions can't be easy !
And it does not pain me to say've done Devon sooo proud!
I just hope and pray that Torquay United can make it a Double Devon Delight!
And now I am off to bed early... to dream of ....hunks in baggy shorts!!
Tomorrow, I'm off early to the's 'The Big One' at Newton Abbot place your bets now as to what I'll come home with! ;-)

Friday, 1 May 2009

Garden 'delights'..and a winner ;-)

I have a fascination for old books... and especially their covers!

I mean...he's just the sort you'd want to take into the garden with you! ;-)
Or maybe not!
Maybe you'd prefer...

Personally, I think gardening books are prettier without hunky men hanging around on the covers of them!

I have all of these books standing outside, in my covered area, on my old wooden apple crates..and I love to look at them as I pass by.
So cheery.

And so to the winner of my giveaway:
Out of the hat has come...
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lounging around! ;-)

We have swine flu in Devon.
Who'd have thought it would get here so quickly?!
Old Snippets works in Paignton too!

I'm a tad worried as I feel a little under the weather today....
So Snippets rang the swine flu hotline for me..however, he said that all he got was cracklin' ;-)
(Get it?!!)
In all seriousness... I have just told that there Pete Wills to get that there bathroom finished before he catches it!

As you can see, I don't watch the news on tv.
Neither do I buy a daily paper. Nuff said.
(I do confess that I read the Independent online ..but only for the education news!)

I spend a lot of time in and around my home because I also work from home.

Here's where I mainly blog..

And I look right out at...

Thus, these are my views and a source of much of my inspiration.

Last autumn, we decorated our lounge and invested in two new sofas...

We wanted to get away from the usual three piece suite.

And it our lounge anyway!

Of course my 'end' is full of prettinesses of all sorts!

The simple things in life which please me.

'Wise things' happen at my end of the room...naturally!!

The monkeying around tends to happen at the other end...but I'm sure that you all knew that anyway, didn't you?

From a very wet (and infected) Devon...I hope you are all having a happy Thursday!
My postman has just assured me that it is going to be a sunny weekend!;-)
Oh and on my next post , I'll announce the winner of my last giveaway.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hello me boodies! I tell ee, tis all gwain on yer!

Uz be 'evin a new the coal and 'oodshed, tiz.

Ole man Snippets said 'tiz bout time uz modernized, mizzus.'

Tiz zackly as us wants it, tis...honest!

Uz got Pete Wills....zum chikky devil from up that there do it for uz.

Ee's 'ad edification and done zams 'n all... so ee knows what to do (uz thinks!!)

Ee's a bit likes 'em like that!
If you'm gwain up Dartymoor, say hello to er.
I tell ee, ee's praper good and he ain't no guzzle guts like zum up there what uz knows.
Plasterer's bin...he done a blimmin' good job...tis !
An tiz comin' on boodiful, tiz...suent.

Tub be in now!
Looks tilted to uz!
Praps it makes that there water easier to drain.
Hope that chikky fool knows what 'ees doin'.

Uz be happy with uz sink..nice biggun!
(Not so 'appy with only the one tap, though!)

I tell ee, I loves thikky idea...never sin nort like it in us lives!

Got them there taps zackly in the middle see..

Tiz gonna be so fanty sheeny...init?
Dreckly, I'm doin' me curtains.
'Ere be the fabric...
Ain't bad for a Deb'm maid eh?

Confuddled ?
(I am..I've changed the colour scheme three times!!)
T'is a bit of fun, init ;-)
(Well I mean else do you brighten up some very 'lacking in colour' photos!!