Thursday, 30 April 2009

Lounging around! ;-)

We have swine flu in Devon.
Who'd have thought it would get here so quickly?!
Old Snippets works in Paignton too!

I'm a tad worried as I feel a little under the weather today....
So Snippets rang the swine flu hotline for me..however, he said that all he got was cracklin' ;-)
(Get it?!!)
In all seriousness... I have just told that there Pete Wills to get that there bathroom finished before he catches it!

As you can see, I don't watch the news on tv.
Neither do I buy a daily paper. Nuff said.
(I do confess that I read the Independent online ..but only for the education news!)

I spend a lot of time in and around my home because I also work from home.

Here's where I mainly blog..

And I look right out at...

Thus, these are my views and a source of much of my inspiration.

Last autumn, we decorated our lounge and invested in two new sofas...

We wanted to get away from the usual three piece suite.

And it our lounge anyway!

Of course my 'end' is full of prettinesses of all sorts!

The simple things in life which please me.

'Wise things' happen at my end of the room...naturally!!

The monkeying around tends to happen at the other end...but I'm sure that you all knew that anyway, didn't you?

From a very wet (and infected) Devon...I hope you are all having a happy Thursday!
My postman has just assured me that it is going to be a sunny weekend!;-)
Oh and on my next post , I'll announce the winner of my last giveaway.


twiggypeasticks said...

Don't forget to use the oinkment - sorry:) We have his and hers sofas too, so much nicer for lounging, although I usually have to share mine with Twiglet and he's very wriggly!!
Twiggy x

KC'sCourt! said...

What a pretty sitting room. If it is any consolation it is very wet here in Minehead!

Menopausal musing said...

I notice "mission control" (in the form of the remotes) is at his end...... ..... Same as in this house! Thanks for lightening a miserable Thursday. x

galant said...

What a very pretty room, and I envy your outlook onto such a glorious garden. We look over suburban rooftops, but if we look to the left out of our sitting room window, we have a glimpse of the sea.
Now, tell me. Don't you get a crick in your neck watching TV at right angles to the screen, from those sofas? We have twin sofas (non matching in our case) and the TV is across the corner of the room and even though I'm only slightly twisted to see the screen, my neck suffers, but unless we hang the TV over the fireplace (over my dead body!) I will just have to put up with this!
I like the small red-upholstered run-up you have (some might call this a pouffe, my parents - being Lancastrian - would've called it a buffette). I would love to have an ottoman for the centre of our sitting room, something to put our feet up on, rest trays and magazines on. I shall find one one day, one that is the right height and the right size and shape.
Love those little coasters, too!
Margaret P

galant said...

I live in Paignton, only 1/2 mile from said swine flu school. Perhaps it might be wise to quarantime by comments!
Margaret P

Floss said...

Hi there - get well soon! My son's friend has just been to visit with a hacking cough, which was a bit annoying, but there you go... It's been really good to see a few more photos of your home - the sofas really work!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Mr Cottage also has man flu & he says it's a real pig! ;-)

Will we have to throw up a barracade between Devon & the rest of the west country?

The sofas look very inviting so I'd lounge around there too!

Shabby Chick said...

I hope your postie's right about the weather, it's cold and rainy here at the moment!

Hope you don't catch the swine flu, I never take the flu scares seriously as there seems to be a new one every year.

Your living room is gorgeous! We always stuck with the two sofa option too, although now we have two sofas and an armchair (which I always nab because it's lovely and cosy!)

Mel xxx

funkymonkey said...

Your room has books and magazines and a view of the garden. Perfection.


Anonymous said...

Awwww hope you feel better soon.
If I had a living room like yours i'm sure I would feel better all the time, it's beautiful! I love the colours, I love everything about it. You have the loveliest view too. It's nice to be able to picture where you blog from.
Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend

LissyLou said...

I have to confess to not watching the news or reading about it, it scares and depresses me a little. However, news like swine flu gets to you however much you avoid it. You have a lovely cosy lounge and a beautiful garden. Keep yourself well x

sharie said...

LOL great minds think alike huh?
Love your room and esp the painting.
fingers crossed that your postman knows my weekend weather too - I have a few places to go should the weather hold

THIS'N'THAT said...

Love the pictures of your room and garden. I need inspiration ... after eight years in our present home it still looks as though we moved in yesterday (boxes, bags, piles of pictures etc.). I've let it become a sort of warehouse for the shop BUT not for much longer ...this is DEFINITELY the year when we win back our space so please keep the inspiration flowing to fuel us on our way!!

Simone said...

Your room is a lovely room to blog in! I am trying to play down my fears of swine flu. In my sons's class today they have put up posters about it and the children have to go and wash their hands with soap and water every time they blow their nose. Trouble is my son hasn't got a cold but has to blow his nose regularly due to asthma. He is really upset because every single time he had to blow his nose the teacher sent him out of the class to wash his hands! I don't reckon he'll get much learning done in the next few weeks and he has his SATS!!!

Suzie Sews said...

A joy to poke around your room and the view, I could enjoy a cuppa with you on the table any day. Its a beautiful light room filled with light. Thank you for showing it to me...

Carol said... it.
Your lounge looks very cosy Sal and what a wonderful view, you must love being in this bright room, a happy room.
I could sit and stare out of the window at your lovely green garden for hours, dreaming.
Carol x

Bobbie Lynn said...

I love that couch. That is the kind I want for my living room. I’m tired of the fabric sofa and really like the leather now. A very relaxing environment you have there looking out to your beautiful yard. Wish you and Mr. Snippets good health. Have a wonderful weekend.

Josie-Mary said...

I love the joke about the hot line!!! Some people had masks on on the train back from London..... do you think I could phone in sick with it???!!!
Lovely sofa's & a great view. I've just read your last post, the bathroom is looking good.
Please don't pretend to die in my shop.... I switched off at that point so I don't think I would be able to help!! Too much to take in.....:) x

Rosie said...

You have such a lovely sitting room - looks so cosy and inviting. I love the jug with the hare on it!
Hope you feel better soon:)