Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Hello me boodies! I tell ee, tis all gwain on yer!

Uz be 'evin a new bafroom...in the coal and 'oodshed, tiz.

Ole man Snippets said 'tiz bout time uz modernized, mizzus.'

Tiz zackly as us wants it, tis...honest!

Uz got Pete Wills....zum chikky devil from up that there Dartymoor..to do it for uz.

Ee's 'ad edification and done zams 'n all... so ee knows what to do (uz thinks!!)

Ee's a bit maize..like uz...uz likes 'em like that!
If you'm gwain up Dartymoor, say hello to er.
I tell ee, ee's praper good and he ain't no guzzle guts like zum up there what uz knows.
Plasterer's bin...he done a blimmin' good job...tis !
An tiz comin' on boodiful, tiz...suent.

Tub be in now!
Looks tilted to uz!
Praps it makes that there water easier to drain.
Hope that chikky fool knows what 'ees doin'.

Uz be happy with uz sink..nice biggun!
(Not so 'appy with only the one tap, though!)

I tell ee, I loves thikky idea...never sin nort like it in us lives!

Got them there taps zackly in the middle see..

Tiz gonna be so fanty sheeny...init?
Dreckly, I'm doin' me curtains.
'Ere be the fabric...
Ain't bad for a Deb'm maid eh?

Confuddled ?
(I am..I've changed the colour scheme three times!!)
T'is a bit of fun, init ;-)
(Well I mean ..how else do you brighten up some very 'lacking in colour' photos!!


Country Cottage Chic said...

Ooh arrr me lover - tiz lukin' good!

Simone said...

Cor blimey! That Devonshire accent aint arf 'ard to understand. I got in a right ole two and eight trying a work it all aht. In other words; gosh! The Devonshire accent is very difficult to decipher. I got in a bit of a mess trying to work out what you was saying! The bathroom is looking good Sal!

Hen said...

That cracked me up, Sal, brilliant! Glad it's going well and looking forward to the grand unveiling...
Hen x

Redwoodhouse said...

Brilliant, it has taken me ages to read this I really had to concentrate and I probably sound a little like this when I speak!!!!its going to be a fab bathroom.

KC'sCourt! said...

Bathroom is lookin' good. Reading it really brightened my day:)

galant said...

Daz wunnerful, me 'ansome!
I didn't like ow tiz wuz any rate, tiz gwain be a roight cracker of a barthr'm, inner?
Margaret P

LissyLou said...

This did make me chuckle!!

I've tagged you x

louise said...

I remember at my grandparents cottage, when I was a kid, they had a plaque on their toilet/bathroom 'yer tiz'. I have always presumed it meant 'here it is'? I would love to have more time to study regional dialect. I have lots of Devonware, purely because I love the motto on the side. x

Menopausal musing said...

Sal: Mr Snippets was soooooooo close to being tagged..... I thought he might give tagging a different slant.... and then I "chickened out".... (having read your post I am muttering "dammit" under my breath, because I think both you and he would have come up with something original!!)xx

THIS'N'THAT said...

Hi, All the best with the project! You inspired me to look up some Devon Dialect. Interestingly 'bloggy' apparently means sullen ... yet we bloggers are anything but!!:)

Rosie said...

By, heck, looks like it's gunna be a gud 'un:) Thanks for cheering me up and making me smile, Sal:)

skippinginthemeadow said...

I so love visiting your blog :o)
The bathroom is looking gorgeous x

cocoa and blankets said...

are we going to get a post with you or Mr S in the bath!!!!cant wait to see it finished

Cowboys and Custard said...

You could have supplied subtitles Sal.. actually ... all my years in Cornwall helped me translate...
as they say in these parts.. T'is gert lush!

Michele xx

sharie said...

Ha! I'm from Lancashire and accents are nowt to me ;-)
bathroom is coming on a treat. Great sink, mine is only a couple of years old and I'd prefer one like yours as all the water drains off the side of mine and onto the skirting board

Carol said...

Ooooh aaarrrr, tis lookin' grand.
An now tis see why the cular bits arr init!
Yep I was crap at that, weren't I!
Good on ya gal...anyway!
Carol x

our shabby cottage said...

Geez, I am luvn this post missus!

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

HiSal! I am now suffering from "Bathroom Envy" You'd think my son would put me out of my misery - he's a plumber. Peach coloured Bath Tub anyone? SueX