Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sounds and other lovely things... in the city!

Today, I'm back in the place that I love! ;-)

After such a busy week with teaching. I needed to relax somewhat!

It's always a pleasure to sit by the Cathedral and watch the world go by.

The weather was lovely and the street entertainers were out in force.

This is my favourite of them all.

Jerri Hart, the musician and singer with such a rich voice.
Today, he was in Princesshay, adding to the atmosphere.
This man is seriously good! I could stand and listen to him, forever.

Superb in fact! Great sounds from that trumpet too!
And just a stones throw from him...
'The Yeoman Of the Guard' was being promoted by Exeter University's Gilbert and Sullivan Society.
It's on stage at Exeter's Northcott Theatre, in March:

In contrast...
Spin 2
This is a band worth watching whether you're a lover of contemporary folk music..or not!
They positioned themselves right outside M&S and as you can see even the mannequins in the window were jigging along. Honest!

And so was I!!
I can never keep still when there's live music!

Great stuff!

And dotted around the city were various musicians doing their thing.

You can't beat live street music!
All of that entertainment for free!!
Exeter at its best.


After that we went into the Orange Tree (how could we not!!)...where Nich finally bought a clock for his room...the very clock that he has been eyeing up for weeks and weeks!
He's certainly taken his time thinking about it!

Later , we walked to Habitat to see fellow blogger, Joe... and we had a long chat and a laugh.
She really loves her blogging..especially the swaps and things like that, she says!
Hi Joe!! ;-)
A quick dash into Laura Ashley ...where who could not resist these?!

And into the best card shop in Exeter..The Card Gallery in Queen Street..
This wonderful Amy Butler card book...I was so thrilled to find this!

With which I am going to do lovely things for the V&H fair.
Just have a sneak peek at these designs:

Tomorrow, all being well, Mr Snippets is taking me to the 'Blind Lemon Vintage Fair ' which just happens to be on the campus at Exeter University!! So no problem finding our way there !
I'm really looking forward to that!
I do so love Saturdays! Hope your day was a good one too.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursday Snippets ;-)

So much to do and so little time!! ;-)
The new fabric range from Anna Maria Horner, is lovely... and ready and waiting to be created into...well goodness knows what!!

Gorgeous designs!

I'm also in the process of making a few more peg pads...

But believe it or not, this morning , I 'escaped ' for a few hours and I took my mum to 'David and Charles' .
David and Charles is a publishers which is situated near to Newton Abbot railway station.
They have a shop with not only books but craft supplies as well. Fatal.
I truly was restrained!
Remember this? I started to alter it last year, at one of our Tuesday craft mornings.
I never really finished it !

Well, whilst at David and Charles, my eyes fell upon the very same...

£2 !
I could not believe it as they are very sturdy chipboard...unpainted and ready to 'alter'...use them for crafty bits or seeds or whatever you wish. know what I did, don't you? I bought 6!! LOL!
And staggered down the steps with them.

I hope they will look lovely for the fair, when I've finished fiddling about with them!
Sadly, David and Charles don't have a cafe, so that meant a whizz along the road to Fermoys, near Ipplepen !
And that is when I realised that I didn't have my camera with me ;-(
There are two particularly lovely craft barns there..and although I did take pics with my iphone, I will have to vet them that might be tomorrow's post as I have forgotten how to transfer them to my puter and the 'expert' is not at home !

Finally , a huge thank you to the people who very kindly sent me some useful info on Macbeth!
Bloggers are the most lovely, generous people, aren't they ?
Hope your day is going well!!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A slight exaggeration sometimes does help!! ;-)

We were going to do some more crazy patchwork today, until my mum remarked yesterday, 'Is there anything you need help with, for the fair?'
'Yes! I have about 5 million pin cushions to sew !!'

( Well 14 actually ;-)

So that's what we did!

Monday, 16 February 2009

Being good! ;-)

Ok..I was quite good!!
I didn't go too mad. I didn't even buy a bag, although I was very tempted and tried a few on my shoulder!
Here goes!!
The tins were a must! I probably won't use them in my kitchen. We shall see!!

Two tea plates I have already too many plates as it is!

But I do love the new Spray Flowers design.

And the little jug..!

Two tea towels...not for cutting up!! Heaven forbid!

Two 'Spray Flowers' food covers.. and some paper napkins for crafting.

Two boxes for my buttons!

And finally two things that I didn't really need!! ;-)

Definitely an extravagance but I could not resist this ...!

Like I said..I was quite good!
Oh and they did not have the two yards of fabric in stock,which I wanted but that can wait!


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Maybe I bought nothing!!! ;-)

I don't know which is worse...going all the way to Bristol to watch Southampton FC lose...or trying to decide what to buy in CK!!! ;-)
What I do know, is that the first choice leaves you as glum as glum can be!
Whereas...!! ;-)
We did have such a lovely afternoon ! Well two of us did!
CK, Park Street, Bristol.

We walked from Clifton to Park Street, at a good pace... girls on a mission!

We entered, for a ten minute reccie.
Then we went away to have a cuppa and to deliberate.

We retraced our steps... and stayed in...for about an hour!!
Are there any other shops in Park street?... cos I'm damned if I know!!;-)
Time flies when you're having fun!

And the very nice salesgirl said it was fine to take a photo.

A photo!! ;-)
But give someone an inch and they take a mile!!
(To make up for York, where remember they said 'No'?!)

I'm sure that you've seen it all before!

But it's so pleasing on the eye, isn't it?

My brief from Mr Snippets was ..'You can buy something for your Christmas Present, something for your birthday and a treat for today!!'
I nearly asked if I could have something for Easter (instead of an egg!) and something for Christmas 2009 but that would have been taking the proverbial 'you know what'!!
I wonder...what did I buy?
Or maybe I bought nothing?
I mean...this might not be my shopping on the seat ...but then again..!
Well, of course I know what I bought..but I'm keeping you in ...

We waited by the Hippodrome for our 'glum' chauffeur to arrive.
After a welcome cuppa, back at my nephew's pad (he of Weston Pier fame!! Hi Andrew!) we hit the road again.
A huge thanks to Jen and Brian for the 'grand day out' ! ;-)
And to my other half, for his generosity...and for not minding me going off without him, on St Valentine's Day.
I hope everyone had a lovely day, like I did ;-)