Monday, 16 February 2009

Being good! ;-)

Ok..I was quite good!!
I didn't go too mad. I didn't even buy a bag, although I was very tempted and tried a few on my shoulder!
Here goes!!
The tins were a must! I probably won't use them in my kitchen. We shall see!!

Two tea plates I have already too many plates as it is!

But I do love the new Spray Flowers design.

And the little jug..!

Two tea towels...not for cutting up!! Heaven forbid!

Two 'Spray Flowers' food covers.. and some paper napkins for crafting.

Two boxes for my buttons!

And finally two things that I didn't really need!! ;-)

Definitely an extravagance but I could not resist this ...!

Like I said..I was quite good!
Oh and they did not have the two yards of fabric in stock,which I wanted but that can wait!



Kitty said...

My favourite is the little jug - so sweet. You got a good 'haul' there Sal! x

MelMel said... did have fun, what a fine collection, some lovely useful items......the tins are fab...I'd love them for my craft room!
Have a super day arranging your new pretties!xxxx

silverpebble said...

Oh, oh and oh again. Delicious and I'm with Kitty - the jug is very sweet. I may need a lie down after looking at all tht. Oops, have to go, the baby's trying to eat my earring. Emma x

Margaret's Ramblings said...

Snap! I put together a sawing basket for my daughter at Christmas and added the little pin tin in it. I is so sweet, love the jug as well. Margaret

LittleGem said...

Oh gorgeous bits Sal - very restrained too! Love the tins but I don't have anywhere to put them :( I had a little browse in CK on sat and the BF bought me a few little pretties. Hope you had a lovely valentines xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sal - I like to think of you sitting there surrounded by pink Cath Kidson and wracking your brains for things to say about the witches in Macbeth!

Floss said...

What a lovely collection! You seem to have balanced restraint and indulgence pretty well, which is never easy. I take it there isn't a CK in Exeter? I used to live there (like you, I love it) and had some amazing finds as a teenager in the Exeter Laura Ashley . My wedding dress cost me £25 there, in fact!
I hope it's OK that I've listed you on my followed blogs list on my own blogs - I love your combination of wonderful things and associations with places I know and love.

funkymonkey said...

I think you were incredibly restrained LOL.


Rosie said...

Well all your purchases are so pretty but I particularly like the button boxes and the little jug. I bought some CK Rose scented bath salts from my local garden centre on Saturday - they are to be part of a little bag of goodies for a birthday gift next month.

Bobbie Lynn said...

Been there done that kind of thing. But it's nice that you can and enjoy them. : ) Happy wet Monday here in So. California.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy said...

Lovely flowery goodness! Jealousy abounds...

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

thriftymrs said...

That's quite some haul.

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely goodies :)

MaryPoppins said...

How lovely are your pretties, my favourite are the food covers, so sweet :)

Thank you for the lovely smiles :)




Rosie said...

You lucky thing. x

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

If thats you being good i would not like to see when your bad LOL
gorgeous goodies - love those tins!
Lesley x

Ragged Roses said...

Yes you were QUITE good ....!!!!! Love all your purchases, the new range is lovely isn't it? I have developed some strong self discipline since CK moved into our town!!!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

So much prettiness in this post!

Rosesposes said...

oooh I love love it all!!

Shabby Chick said...

You were quite good?! I would love to see you on a major spree!!!! My husband would go mental if I came back with that lot... though it all looks wonderful :)

Mel xxx

Mr Snippets said...

My wife should be restrained, she really should

She does too much

She is always using my things and never puts my craft stuff away

Oh and she should be gagged too lol


Thecraftytrundler said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!!!! I finally got my CK catalogue, Monday. I love the new china range, and one of the first things I want is one of those cute little jugs!! They're a great price too!!!
I will have to visit Bicester soon. It's great that Dave only lives about 20 mins from there!!!

Sharon xx

sue15cat said...

Oooh....what lovelies, well done, I thought I bought a lot the other day from the Bicester shop, but you win hands down!!.

Sue xx

this is my patch said...

Love the boxes for the buttons. x