Saturday, 21 February 2009

Sounds and other lovely things... in the city!

Today, I'm back in the place that I love! ;-)

After such a busy week with teaching. I needed to relax somewhat!

It's always a pleasure to sit by the Cathedral and watch the world go by.

The weather was lovely and the street entertainers were out in force.

This is my favourite of them all.

Jerri Hart, the musician and singer with such a rich voice.
Today, he was in Princesshay, adding to the atmosphere.
This man is seriously good! I could stand and listen to him, forever.

Superb in fact! Great sounds from that trumpet too!
And just a stones throw from him...
'The Yeoman Of the Guard' was being promoted by Exeter University's Gilbert and Sullivan Society.
It's on stage at Exeter's Northcott Theatre, in March:

In contrast...
Spin 2
This is a band worth watching whether you're a lover of contemporary folk music..or not!
They positioned themselves right outside M&S and as you can see even the mannequins in the window were jigging along. Honest!

And so was I!!
I can never keep still when there's live music!

Great stuff!

And dotted around the city were various musicians doing their thing.

You can't beat live street music!
All of that entertainment for free!!
Exeter at its best.


After that we went into the Orange Tree (how could we not!!)...where Nich finally bought a clock for his room...the very clock that he has been eyeing up for weeks and weeks!
He's certainly taken his time thinking about it!

Later , we walked to Habitat to see fellow blogger, Joe... and we had a long chat and a laugh.
She really loves her blogging..especially the swaps and things like that, she says!
Hi Joe!! ;-)
A quick dash into Laura Ashley ...where who could not resist these?!

And into the best card shop in Exeter..The Card Gallery in Queen Street..
This wonderful Amy Butler card book...I was so thrilled to find this!

With which I am going to do lovely things for the V&H fair.
Just have a sneak peek at these designs:

Tomorrow, all being well, Mr Snippets is taking me to the 'Blind Lemon Vintage Fair ' which just happens to be on the campus at Exeter University!! So no problem finding our way there !
I'm really looking forward to that!
I do so love Saturdays! Hope your day was a good one too.


Margaret's Ramblings said...

Thank you so much for this. I have been ill all week, unable to get out and the sunshine today enticed me but no it wasn't to be. But you took me on a lovely journey, I could just smell the sights, sounds and sunshine of the city. I felt like I had had a day out.

Josie-Mary said...

So you did take some photo's but where's Patch???? Oh how I love blogging :)
Going to take a look at the link for the fair.... x

NSPNBH said...

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this is my patch said...

Those boxes from Laura Ashley are gorgeous, I am going to take a look in our local branch in my next lunch hour, to see if I can find some. I am so glad you had a lovely day, Exeter certainly is buzzing, more than you can say for Worthing! These lovely springlike days certainly make you feel like getting outside. x

Rubys mamma x said...

Hey Sal, so glad you enjoyed your city day too! I was born in winchester so i know it like the back of my hand-which is why i thought id try somewhere different like salisbury but i was a bit disappointed to be honest!
Thanks for stopping by my blog xxx

Floss said...

Oh how wonderful. I don't suppose that the ancient and slightly creepy busker with the accordion and the 'furry toy' collecting tin is in Exeter any more? We always felt he used to leer at us schoolgirls... Your collection of buskers seem so much more conducive to a good shopping trip.

I'll try to do a virtual tour of Toulouse some time, although I'm too busy to get there often.

Rosie said...

If it wasn't for the trees it would look like a summer's day in Exeter what with the sunshine and the street musicians and etc. Glad you had a happy, relaxing day - love the clock and the Laura Ashley boxes:)

Shabby Chick said...

Mmmmm those LA boxes are gorgeous!

I must go to Exeter one day, I know it's a direct train route down and my Mum in law is always saying how lovely it is. Your photos certainly make it look tempting :)

Mel xxx

Bobbie Lynn said...

I neat fun filled day. Love the Photo of the cathedral. The prints in the card book are very bright and pretty. Have fun Sunday.

Menopausal musing said...

Wonderful tour. Thank you sooooo much. You have sold the cityx

Rosie said...

Thanks for the tour of Exeter. On our one visit there we had a lovely time. I did lots of Christmas shopping and it was only August. x

MelMel said...

How fantstic that you saw Josie!
She is the coolest person.....hi hun!
Really enjoyed your post!x

cocoa and blankets said...

Hi Sal...looks like a lovely day out...the Amy B papers are lovely I will have to take a peek at the website....have a good week...H

Shirl said...

Hi Sal, Exeter looks so vibrant. One of these fine days, I'll go visit lol!

Lesley (Notesfrommydays) said...

oh that clock is fab!! and i love the amy butler card book i really like her designs cant wait to see what your doing for the fair :-)thanks for your comment on my blog by the way - those cards in every room is a good idea LOL
Lesley x

Wild Rose said...

I am unfamiliar with Exeter, but I love your photographs of the Cathedral ~ what a beautiful building. How marvellous to have such a place to visit.

Marie x

Donna said...

Exeter is a wonderful city. I go there regularly for a good city fix. Some of the buskers come to Barnstaple too so I have seen them in Exeter and Barny and can confirm that they are indeed brilliant!