Thursday, 10 December 2009

Too big, too tall ,too dah de dah de dah!!!

I went to find a Christmas tree ,
I wanted one 'just right'.
It was my yearly mission,
I did not sleep all night.

My tree had to be real,
It had to be so fine,
I'm not keen on those Nordman types,
I didn't want Scots Pine.

And so, I searched all morning,
I started at Jack's Patch.
They had a ton of trees.
And many wreaths to match.

At forty and even fifty pounds,
I thought that was extortion!
I looked into my purse,
And proceeded... with caution!

Nothing took my fancy,
So it was back along the road.
'Christmas Trees' the sign said.
And they had a load!

This time, I had good service.
A lady welcomed me.
She showed me a few hundred.
Then went and got her tea.

'That one leans too much.
That one is too tall.
That one is too wonky.
That one is too small.'

The lady looked at me,
She was in despair,
I told her I'd be back.
(But went to look elsewhere!)

I've never seen so many trees,
As I drove around South Devon
Looking for my perfect tree
And then, at half eleven...

Bingo! There it was!
I'd thought it was no use.
I'd almost given up!
Yay..My perfect Norway Spruce!

Yippee..'I'll take it please'
My mission was complete.
And it was netted up.
My own Christmas treat.

I gave my twenty pounds
I took my penny change,
Somehow, I got my tree home and
Could not wait to arrange...

My pretty vintage baubles,
Tinsel and lights so twinkling,
Dear Snippets would be oh so pleased,
He did not have an inkling...

Of how my morning had been fraught
With so much indecision,
But my tree was going to look so fine,
The perfect vision!

And now... to rearrange the lounge!
To accommodate my 'guest'
I'll try a million places
To see where it looks best!

I'm pleased I found my tree
In such record time!
It gave me the chance
To pen this little rhyme!

And a BIG thank you to my sis, for her help and patience, in my quest to find my tree!
Hope your Christmas Tree hunting has been as fun as mine!


sue15cat said...

Brilliant....just brilliant!!

Enjoy your perfect tree.

Sue xx

Lalabibaby said...

You are a true poet Sal .... made me smile .... lucky you to find one for twenty squids. I gave up round here and for the first time in 30 years I have a fake one!! Just could not justify £40 this year. x

A Country Girl said...

I bought one yesterday but sorry, no poem!

Hen said...

Fabulous, Sal. Enjoyed that, thanks!
Hen x

Michela said...

Lucky you Sal to have found your perfect tree! My mum bought me a silly fir all naked at the bottom and which is already losing its pine-needles (we have it since 2 days!)..

Guenievre said...

Hello !
But where is this famous Christmas tree ?.. lol
No photos :-( I'm sure you'll decorate it very well.
I bought mine the first day of Advent, it has pride of place in the living room with his red and gold decorations.
Have a nice day !

funkymonkey said...

We drive round from place to place looking for the perfect tree and the perfect price...wish me luck for this weekend. Great Poem Sal.


Floss said...

Get some sleep, Sal! One night to worry about the tree, and surely another sleepless session to get all your rhymes right! The results were worth it, though...

Simone said...

I think your poem is great Sal. I especially like the Devon and half eleven bit!

Menopausal musing said...

What a fantastic poem....... I keep hearing frightening tales about how much they cost this year. I haven't dared to go looking yet..............rets

Caroline said...

Great poem, Sal - glad you finally found your perfect tree!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Are we going to see a photo of it Sal, now that you have decorated it - do hope so.

Lace hearts said...

Fantastic, and just how we felt on sunday when choosing our tree. I think the first people we went to thought we were bonkers. They kept grumbling about having 500 trees, but I compromised one year, and regretted it and it's such a centrepiece in our room that I want it right. We found one about 20 trees later!

galant said...

Fantastic - you'd give old Pam Aryes a run for her money, girl! We bought our tree a week ago but it's still in the garage ina bucket of water - hope to get it installed and decorated this weekend (after I've cleared a space for it in the sitting room.)
Margaret P

twiggypeasticks said...

Lovely Sal, we are going in search of our perfect tree this weekend !!
Twiggy x

Nichocacola said...

Excellent poem, and I can confirm that the tree looks great. I just hope it doesn't need moving ;-)

Josie-Mary said...

Excellent Sal :)

Rosie said...

Love the poem, well done :)