Saturday, 12 December 2009

Bath ..and more!

Now then...not many girls have an itinerary which reads something like this :
Friday : Bath
Saturday : Ashburton
Tuesday : Totnes

As you can see I've made my little house nice 'n festive!
Hope you like it!

Friday was just wonderful !
No sooner had we stepped off the train (direct from Newton Abbot to Bath!) we found ourselves at the front of Bath Abbey, as we had arranged to meet up with one lovely blogger, for coffee and a quick natter .
Yes! Michele was there waiting for us!
It's funny. I feel as if I have known her for years and yet two years ago I didn't even know that she existed! Needless to say this friendship has led to rather exciting things and I only have to say 'Vintage ' and 'Handmade'...and that's that!
The time in Bath seemed to fly by and I have promised myself another visit very soon.
What did I buy in CK?
Nothing apart from a pack of Christmas cards..!
But I did love their window!
Meanwhile, I have just returned from Ashburton..and my next post is one serious Ashburton post!
Kirstie's visit (Did we all watch Kirstie's homemade Christmas?) seems to have put this little town well and truly on the map..and I could not even get into Jenny's lovely soap shop 'Odds and Suds!!!
I'll be going again this week as Ashburton really is a great place for...
Tune in tomorrow for a truly wonderful Ashburton feast of loveliness!
And then on Tuesday evening of Totnes late night shopping!


BusyLizzie said...

you are a busy bee Sal! Now don't overdo things! Lizzie x

Pomona said...

Some people have all the luck! It's not nearly so exciting where I live!

Pomona x

galant said...

I certainly watched Kirstie's Homemade Christmas but I had problems. First, I had to record it and used a 2hr DVD. I had already used up 1 hr with another prog and thought I'd have plenty of space for Kirstie. But after 20 minutes it stopped recording. Now, I wonder if anyone else has this problem with 2hr re-writable DVDs? This DVD had only been used once before and you are supposed to be able to use them up to six times. So, I decided to watch Kirstie's third & final prog online at C4 On Demand. And then, ten minutes before the end, my computer screen froze! C4 On Demand doesn't appear to have a fast-forward facility, so I decided to watch it all again, from the beginning, and then it froze again, just before the end. It seems I'm destined never to see the party she arranged for all those people who instructed her in new skills such as candle making and embroidery! Bah, humbug!
Margaret P

KC'sCourt! said...

What an itinerary all those shops! I'm envious, all I get is Taunton!
Tell Galant Kirsties Homemade christmas is repeated one afternoon next week!

Rosie said...

Bath - how wonderful I remember going once (ages ago) just before Christmas it was wonderful! I've enjoyed Kirstie's programmes and I can imagine that the soap shop is very busy after that - they all looked so wonderful. Hope you enjoy the rest of your visits:)

Menopausal musing said...

Bath is just wonderful, isn;t it? You get around a fair bit don't you? Thank you ever so much for the comment re the mistletoe man.... what a lovely vision you conjured up for me and what a shame such a truly seasonal seller was moved on. You cannot help but think that he was probably doing no harm. Looking forward to your next posts.

LissyLou said...

ooo what a blissful weekend!!!

Shirl said...

Gosh Sal, it seems absolutely ages since I last came to visit your blog. What lovely, lovely places you have been to visit! ... :0)