Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Crochet's off the menu ! ;-(

Sadly, the crochet morning has not occured!
My mum has been quite poorly...I mean some people do anything to get out of a crochet morning, don't they?
In all seriousness, my poor mum appears to have caught a nasty sickness bug...and so my crocheting guests have been let off the hook, so to speak.. but I'm sure we'll do it soon!
They won't get away with it that easily!


This means that my little gifts, which I bought for them, will be...ah ha... all mine!

No, not really I didn't mean that! ;-)

But aren't they lovely?

So beautifully wrapped too. I found them in a flower shop in Kingsbridge , at the weekend.

It's been a week of giving and receiving and it's not even Christmas yet!

I found this little selection of goodies in this Etsy shop :


Some of you probably read Emily's blog, which is full of festive loveliness:


Last week , I received a surprise gift from my friend, Jane... (home made chocs and a little cushion, all in a cute basket.) I've been wondering how to utilise the basket....

And then yesterday, out of the blue, came this little vintage box from Amanda.

It was so light that I almost didn't undo it. I thought she'd just sent me a cute vintage box.

And then my curiosity got the better of me...and I know Amanda all too well.. inside, wrapped so beautifully...

Three little, very fragile, vintage Christmas tree decorations..

...just like miniature Aladdin's lamps.

So delicate...!

And so...I'm sorry if you brought your hooks with you but we will have to rearrange our little crochet date....and...

Get better soon, Mum!



The Weaver of Grass said...

Sorry your mum has caught a bug - hope she is soon well. Love those vintage ornaments - bet they are as light as feathers and very breakable. hope they go on your tree.

Simone said...

Sorry to hear that your Mum is unwell. I was looking forward to the crochet morning too! The vintage ornaments are lovely and unusual.

KC'sCourt! said...

Sorry to hear your mum is unwell, hope she gets better soon. Those lovely christmas ornaments look so delicate.

landcuckoo said...

Get well soon Sal's Mum x.
Lovely basket of goodies there, great colors. so very festive and inspiring as to what to do with them!
Take care
Sarah x

ginny said...

hope your mum is better really soon Sal
warm wishes
ginny x

Menopausal musing said...

Joining the others in wishing your mum well. Love your festive fabrics and those gorgeous little tree decorations.

Country Cottage Chic said...

Love the fabrics Sal....but I love the vintage decorations even more!

Hope your mum is feeling better soon.


Rosie said...

Sorry to hear about your mum and hope she is feeling better. What lovely fabrics :)

Rosie said...

Sorry to hear about your mum and hope she is feeling better. What lovely fabrics :)

Annie said...

Hope your mum gets well soon. The plants are so pretty they remind me of Spring, the flowery fabric in the background is beautiful. It looks vaguely familiar but I don't know why.
Ann x

Andi's English Attic said...

Send your mum our best wishes for a speedy recovery. I love the elf (or is it gnome?) fabric. Jealous of your Christmas ornaments - they're very pretty. xx

Rosie said...

Oh dear, do hope your Mum will be feeling better very soon:)

Michela said...

Great bits from Amanda! Hope your dear mum will get better soon!

Guenievre said...

J'espère de tout coeur que ta maman va vite se remettre.
Vintage Xmas decorations are lovelly !
Reading the posts I understand I made a mistake and use a bad word, lol. I said "hook" and not "crochet" ... In fact it's the same word in English and French. Now, I know !

A Country Girl said...

Love you festive fabrics. Hope your mum is on the mend soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sal!
...so pleased that you loved the little baubles...knew you would! I've never seen anything like them before, so unusual, and I imagine quite a rare find as they are so delicate (sorry that one has just a small chip in it!). Anyway I know that they are in good hands now! Enjoy!
Do hope that your Mum is getting better?
See you soon!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx
ps. Looking forward to seeing you next Tuesday at Totnes Late Night Shopping Evening! x

Lace hearts said...

I do hope you're mum's feeling a little better. I hate it when my mum gets ill, I worry so much.
I love love love that Christmas fabric. And what treats are those baubles - really unusual.

Linda Gilbert said...

Hi Sal
Hope your Mum gets better really soon. You look sooooo ready for Christmas and we have not even flown home yet!!
Love Linda