Thursday, 30 July 2009

A whole two paragraphs!

I'm feeling a tad excited today as I'm off to meet a writer!!
Recently, whilst I was sat quietly in my study, preparing some English lessons, I received an email .
Dear Sal...

I'm writing an article for a magazine about 'Vintage in the home' and I was wondering if you'd mind writing a little something for me as I always like to use a 'live quote'....!

And so 'Dear Sal' obliged and I'm going to be in print!!
Way hay!
A whole two paragraphs of what I think about 'Vintage in the home'!
But you'll have to wait to see what I wrote.... as it is not published until September .
Meanwhile, I have been sent the full article to read and today I get to go and meet the writer for
coffee and a jolly good natter!
All to be revealed later on!
What fun!
Hope your day is too!


sue15cat said...

That's brilliant, well done you. Have a fantastic day, and who knows maybe a full article next time instead of two paragraphs!

Sue xx

Guenievre said...

Bonjour ! Quelle chance tu as !!!
Which magazine ?.... it's a secret ...
I hope I could find it in my town, but not sure at all, because my newsagent sales 4 English decoration magazines (only :-((( )
Can't wait for September !
Nice day here too : the sun is coming back !

Michela said...

Congratulations Sal!
Keep us informed!

Simone said...

Such fun! When talking about vintage in the home they wasn't talking about Mr Snippets's were they?!!! (Just joking Mr Snippet's!)

Hen said...

How exciting, Sal. Have fun, look forward to hearing all about it.
Hen x

summerfete said...

ooh you little star!
do tell!


THIS'N'THAT said...

Great stuff!! That's another bit towards your 15 mins of fame! :)
Lesley X

LissyLou said...

That is exciting, well done you!!

KC'sCourt! said...

Let me know when you get published!
Love the picture.
Julie xxxxxx

Florence and Mary said...

How exciting!

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

How fab is that?!
Can I have your autograph please?
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Menopausal musing said...

Oh, my goodness me!!!!!....... can't wait to hear the next instalment. x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oooh how exciting, well done, Sal !
Can't wait to find out more. And I spy a new banner at the top of the blog - it looks great!
Have fun.
D x

Rosie said...

Sounds interesting and intriguing - hope the coffee and natter went well - look forward to hearing more:)

Country Cottage Chic said...

I wonder if "Dear Sal" could be a regular thing? All your vintage problems solved instantly!


Floss said...

Oh, that does sound exciting - well done! I've been admiring your Oxo tin in the photos, and thinking of how often I see the French equivalent, 'Cub' on vintage stalls. My problem is that I hate the taste of those things - maybe they used to be good, but once they started adding MSG... So I don't want to collect them even though they are quite iconic.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Wow! Cal I have your autograph please?

our shabby cottage said...

Oh, wow, that is very exciting!

summerfete said...

you've been tagged

Wild Rose said...

How wonderfaul Sal! I am sure you enjoyed a good natter and look forward to hearing more about this.

Marie x

Cal said...

How exciting! Love the aprons Sal in the previous post and I know what you mean about a warm smile. It doesn't cost anything to be warm and friendly and spread a little kindness does it?

Thecraftytrundler said...

That's great, Sal!! KEEP US ALL POSTED!!!

Sharon xx