Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Snippets , Smiles... and Lime Green ;-)

Today's subject is:

The versatility of pillowcases! ;-)

I know I deserve to be shot for this...noone in their right mind cuts up an old, candy stripe pillowcase... do they?
I am so very sorry ;-)


On Monday, I made these three, little aprons ...using up some odd scraps of fabric and embroidery to decorate them.

And now to cushions..
This lovely patchwork cushion, with the red vintage buttons came from Amanda...or I should say Amanda's mum, who made it so beautifully, from a vintage quilt.

And...this little beauty...

I hit downtown N.A. this morning, with my mum, and we went back to the charity shop with the linen sale...here's one I missed earlier and so she kindly bought it for me!

It's beautiful but actually has a lot of spotty brown age marks on it so I won't feel so bad about.....err umm...you know what!

Finally things are looking up in Newton Abbot.
A very nice wool shop has opened in Queen Street and I really do wish them all the success.
Here's why in one word:


....with a flamin smile!
How novel is that! ;-)

To be welcomed so warmly by the lady owner, was quite noticeable (and ought to be noted by one or two other shop owners nearby!)
Funnily enough, my own motto has always been,

'A smile costs nothing'

A delightful shop with plenty of stock and plenty of room to move...so a gold star from me!

The Wool Gallery


I'm sure everyone has seen these patterns before..but they were jumping out, asking to be snapped!

And missing from this pile is the lime green ball of cotton yarn...!
Don't ask me why...I just fancied it!


MarmaladeRose said...

Looks like a lovely shop, lets hope she does well. I can see your wool stash growing!

Josie said...

great idea for the aprons and I love the patchwork cushion!
Josie x

Floss said...

I have bunting made almost entirely of thrifted floral and striped pillow cases! It's a very cheap way of buying nice fabric, I've found. The aprons are great.

I've been given some advice about an American product called Oxiclean, which you could probably soak your spotted cloth in. I know you want to cut it up anyway, but if it cleaned up you could use all of it... I can forward you the email info if you're interested. I haven't tried to find it myself, yet.

Florence and Mary said...

Doesn't a good bit of old fashioned customer service go a long way!

I recently tried to buy a birthday present for my cousin and can't even begin to go in to it but I will say I didn't end up buying the present!

Victoria xx

LissyLou said...

ooo love the aprons, very pretty x

KC'sCourt! said...

The aprons are fab! Love the tablecloth, shame to take the scissors to it.....
Come to Minehead, I always try and give a smile to all the customers in the shop I work in. I actually won a customer round who use to own a shop but was always rude to the customers now holds a converstion with me because I was ultra polite to her, she once told me she knew more than me till she saw me crocheting with fine cotton and a hook that could only be seen under a magnifier.

Hen said...

Hi Sal,
I spent yesterday chopping up an embroidered tablecloth too! The wool shop looks fab, I'm sure your visit will be the first of many, and great to hear of some good service, I'd all but given up on it!
Going to Totnes on Saturday, any chance you'll be around for a cup of tea?
Hen x

Lalabi-baby said...

Hi Sal .... the pillowcases look great especially against those lovely green cups .... thanks for your comment on the new Baby ..... big sister has just left for the hospital to collect her mum and little bro ... she is very stressed and emotional. You are lucky to have such lovely wool shops near you ... we have hardly any but the good old internet is a great way to shop. Keep posting your lovely pics. x

Guenievre said...

Hello !
what a good idea to make aprons with ... pillowcases ! I love them ! Nice colours !

Menopausal musing said...

Great post. I've got brown spotty age marks.. ;) ..... Best keep away from you and your scissors, then!!! x

Serenata said...

Love the wool shop, we used to have one near us, but unfortunately closed several years ago. Think I was the only one who used it! What a lovely idea with the pillowcases.

BusyLizzie said...

wonderful wool.. I must buy some for my Somerset knitters! Thanks Sal!
Lizzie x

Mary Poppins said...

Wow, what pretties, your photographs always bring a smile to my face, thank you :)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous aprons...love the embroidered touch! Sue

Michela said...

There's no limit to your creativity!
P.S.I had a look at your shop..FABULOUS STUFF!!!

Jane W said...

I love your aprons - really unique. The wool shop looks fab, really well stocked. They deserve to do well. I agree about smiling - it costs nothing and it makes others feel really good as well.

Jane W.

Felicity said...

oh lovely photos Sal, and I love the header, the man in our sewing shop is so awful that even Joshy calls him Mr rude!! he he!!!
im sorry to say ive tagged you, please dont hate me!!!
Fliss xx

Carol said...

Naughty Sal! LOL...
Now that link is just what I needed. I am starting a new granny squares blanket and need bright colours...brill..thanks for that Sal.