Monday, 27 July 2009

Port Eliot Part 2 : Showing off the best of Cornwall!

Take one gorgeous, sunny day, one super duper setting and a whole load of vintage/shabby/chic.
Stir it all up!
Strategically place, both inside and outside a CK gazebo.
(So the customers will salivate!)
Spread your goodies a bit more, under a few umbrellas and ....
Deck the chairs with things so jolly (tra la la la la etc etc)!
(Sing along please!)
Stand back and observe! (Maybe give yourself a pat on the back if you feel you can!)
String up the bunting...

Remember to take the steps, so you can reach high to peg your name...even though everyone knows who you are by now ! ;-)
Show off your best linens!
And, for those people who have packed picnics and forgotten their cups, provide some lovely pastel cups and saucers, which are all the rage, of course!
Oh...I almost forgot... show off the 'alternative' vintage seating!
Be prepared to loan it out if someone should ask! ;-)
Do a 'final check' to make sure all is showing its 'best side'!
Smile...and ...await your customers!
All that I can say is.....
Didn't she do well?
Don't forget BBC2 Weds 7pm!
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Michela said...

My mouth is watering at seeing all that amazing stuff...
Why are you so far???? ;-)

MelMel said...

Whats going to be on BBC 2..?

I have to say...that looks amazing, wish I could have gone...
Looks such fun!xx

Floss said...

Oh, how incredible. She has kind of summed up the spirit of the age, or of ages past, perhaps! Thanks for that, Sal.

Helen said...

Just . . .GORGEOUS!! . . . . . . . . . ABSOLUTLY GORGEOUS!!!
Love Helen

Florence and Mary said...

Looks great! Oh to dive into the PC and have a rummage!

Victoria xx

Hen said...

Oooh, looks fab. Thanks for the eye candy, Sal (though it's kind of torture not being able to shop for real!)
Hen x

Linda O said...

Wow, looks brilliant, not much else I can say!!!
Linda O xx

Simone said...

Oh, I would love to have a look through all those things. I love the traditional deckchairs too. If I sat in one of those I would get stuck in it and need pulling out!!!

Helen said...

Sal, just popped back to ask if you sell the heart shaped buckets, to post to Durham?
Fingers crossed,

Guenievre said...

C'est une fête géniale !
J'adore toutes ces couleurs lumineuses !
Désolée, je n'ai pas "BBC2" ici :-(((
Juste "BBC Prime", mais le programme dont tu parles n'est pas diffusé ...
Vous avez dû passer de belles journées là-bas !

Josie-Mary said...

oh my goodness...I want everything!!! I've been looking for some cups & saucers just like that, I also want the basket with the union jack mugs in. I wish she sold on line :(

Country Bliss said...

Oh, I wish I had gone now! I may have felt the need to spend too much though.
Yvonne x

Cowboys and Custard said...


Menopausal musing said...

She is just soooo lovely too. I bought from her at the Vintage And Handmade..... and her comment as I bought was so nice and down to earth. She deserves to succeed. Shall watch on Wednesday. x

THIS'N'THAT said...

Brilliant blogs on Port Elliot and what a treat from Amanda ... yes, I agree best yet! Give the girl a medal!
Lesley X

Cal said...

Wonderful array of goodies. Look forward to seeing the Weds BBC2 slot as well
Cal x

Shirl said...

Looks wonderful ... I look forward to the Culture Show on Wednesday!

Shirl x

Isobel said...

Oh dear, I would be in heaven in a place like that. :)

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Speechless with joy! :) x

Shabby Chick said...


Mel xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Fabulous! Wish I could have been there!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sal!
That was a lovely post about Port 1 and 2, thankyou! Photos...amazing as always. So pleased that you had such a good time. It's nice to see where you went because I hardly saw any of it whilst manning my stall!
To your lovely blog readers...thankyou so much for your very,very kind comments and encouragement...I'm really touched! So sorry to you all that I don't sell online, have a web site or even a blog...I'm not terribly clever with computers! However, I can do mail order and am happy to send items in the post( Failing that, a short trip to Totnes(on a Friday fleamarket day) in sunny(?) South Devon could be the order of the day! It would be lovely to meet you all! You might just bump into the lovely Sal aswell!!!
Meantime, I'm tuning into The Culture Show (Weds 7pm BBC2) to see how they used the props that I lent them...let's hope that it's good!!!
Best wishes...
Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx