Thursday, 2 July 2009

Green bottles, green ginger and sweet things ;-)

Is there a better way to spend a dull, overcast morning?
This morning, we visited Green Ginger Cafe, Ashburton!
As you can see, the Cheese and Chives scones have disappeared from our plates ;-)

Next time, when it's sunny, I'll take pics of the lovely garden!

Before we went to Ashburton , I wandered around our own garden , observing the progress!

The Sweet Peas, which I sowed ages ago, are finally in flower! I was beginning to think I'd have the only flowerless sweet peas in phew!

Each year, this reminds me to get out my fave Sweet Pea China...Bridgewater of course!

I don't possess very much of it, so please don't all turn up at once, for tea...!

Now here's a thing!
Recently...and I've forgotten exactly where it was... but definitely a place which sells shabby, vintage fact it might have even been Chipping Sodbury, where we wandered, after the ORIGINAL ONE AND ONLY BLOGGERS V&H FAIR ...I saw a very nice green, glass bottle...priced at £9.99, with some sweet peas in it (not included in the price).

I didn't buy it and so this isn't it! ;-)
Not long afterwards, I chose to have an orange drink, in a cafe and the drink was in a bottle very similar to the one I'd seen for £9.99.
So I took it home, soaked off the label and hey presto!

These particular sweet peas, which I've had for some time, are fake...but they are not bad for fake!

Sweet... but not peas..are these lovely books which I recently added to my collection of Mollie Clarke books.

So simple...

...yet so effective.
And so nice to think that they've found a lovely home!



KC'sCourt! said...

I love your little school room. I would love to see it for real..

You're lucky with your Sweet Peas mine seem to have gone on strike!

Cowboys and Custard said...

My eyes were immediately drawn to the Mollie Clark book with the Christmas cover.. as I am in full Christmas mode for the next V & H fair.. the one and only!

Wish I could curl up in that library of yours and read all the old favourites for a day!

Michele xx

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ooh your room looks so lovely!
I'm glad I'm not the only one who slips used bottles or jars into my bag! I always take the mini jam jars they give you with scones as they are perfect for keeping beads & little teeny things in.

The next V&H isn't *that* far away you know! Maybe you'll see a red bottle that you won't buy next time! ;-)


Redwoodhouse said...

Love all your wonderful books I could spend a lot of time going through those fabulous rows with tea at hand but of course NO cake. Being out of blog land for a while I must go and catch up with your posts.

Simone said...

A lovely post. Your grass looks very lush and green - mine is brownish with all the blazing sun. I cannot wait for the rain and cool weather once more!!! I love the illustrations in the books - very inspiring. The green bottle looks great and a tad cheaper than the one you originally liked!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Snap! My sweet peas bloomed at last this week - thought they never would. I do love the colours, the scent and the fact that they need picking every day so there is always a bunch in the house.

Josie-Mary said...

I don't have any sweetpeas yet so I must be the last person in Devon!! Love the green bottle & the fake peas look lovely in the bathroom.
So nice to see pictures of your home again now I know where everything is!!
Love the Christmas book, I'm hoping to make the next fair.
Weather was rubbish today wasn't it?? At least we didn't have any storms :)

marble rose said...

Oh Molly Clarke looks wonderful-I'm off to research her!

Fleur xxx

Rosie said...

Glad your sweet peas are flowering at last, I'm still waiting for mine to flower. The cafe at Ashburton looks lovely and what a coincidence we had a walk around Wedgwood this morning and had coffee and cheese scones at their cafe. We have had hot sunshine today but I think we are in for storms tomorrow:)

Alison Boon said...

I want to read all of those books you have on your shelves, I 'm sure they are all so cute and interesting

Bobbie Lynn said...

Oh, sweet peas one of my favorite flowers and I hope to get my seeds sowed in September. That is the best time for us here. What adorable pictures in those childerens books and they go perfect with you room.