Friday, 3 July 2009

One big dose of prettiness for you all ! ;-)

I've been so looking forward to tomorrow, for ages!!
I'm meeting up with Amanda (Shabby Chick, Totnes market etc..I'm sure you all know that by now!) at the LIVERTON COUNTRY FAYRE ;-)
It starts at 12 noon and continues until 5pm
Do come and say hello if you are in the South Devon...we'd really love to see you!!

As far as I know, we are in a big field ,very near to Blackpool school.
I'm praying for good weather!
I'll be taking along all my wares... hand made and vintage pretties.... and Amanda will be there with her wonderful goodies....just imagine..... I'll be right next to that ALL afternoon!!

Mr S is coming along to provide entertainment value...LOL
(The mention of the beer tent kind of persuaded him!)
And so I am now all packed and ready to's taken me hours!
The good thing is that I only live 10 minutes away from Liverton!

To 'pretty up' my stall I have gathered together some pretty cups and saucers and embarked on some very basic flower arranging!!
The flowers are a mix from my own garden and Mr Sainsburys' Roses and Carnations (which at £1.99 a bunch I thought was PDG)

Finally...this has to be said...

Amazingly, about two hours after I had posted yesterday's blog one of my lovely pupils and his mum, came to the door with the most beautiful bunch of ...Sweet Peas!
The scent has wafted through the hallway ever much better than any scented spray!
You simply can't beat the scent of a lovely bunch of Sweet Peas , can you?
A lovely surprise!

Big hugs to Patrick and Jane!! ;-)

I stood them in front of a mirror and got double the delight as you can see in my header pic!

Meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Flower Girl said...

Hello Sal, I hope all goes well tomorrow. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good weather too as I have a stall at a village fete on Sunday!! I've got the tarpaulin packed!! Rebecca x

Hens Teeth said...

I hope you have a great weekend.
There is nothing so lovely as fresh Sweetpeas.

Hen said...

Good luck at the Fair, Sal. But will you be able to resist a few purchases yourself? Hope not!
Hen x

Simone said...

The cups of flowers look really pretty. I hope you have a successful day with all your wares!x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Awww Sal, so wish I could be there...hope you have a wonderful day and lots of fun. Amanda is a treasure (as are you, of course!)

Your pretty floral posies are fabulous - what a summery stall you will have.

Thank you so much for your sweet email tha other day. (Hope you received my reply OK - I know my emails have ended up in your junk in the past!)

Have a lovely weekend,
Niki x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Good luck for the fair Sal - hope you sell out!

The flowers are lovely - I can almost smell them from here.


The Weaver of Grass said...

You can't beat sweet peas (especially if you love the colour pink!!) i am now picking them madly because if you don't they go to seed and stop flowering.
Good luck at the fete tomorrow. Hope the weather is fine for you all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sal...your floral cups are gorgeous...they will look so lovely on the stall tomorrow, WELL DONE...a lovely finishing touch!!!
I do hope that it will be worth all of your effort (really don't know what to expect having never stalled there before) If nothing else I know that I shall have a great day in your company...looking forward to a cream tea already!
Just off now to start packing the van...
See you in the morning!
Lol Amanda xxx (SC) X

Daisy said...

What beautiful photographs, thank you for sharing ;)

Good luck for the fair, I bet you sell out what with all your pretty makes and delights on offer :0


Mary Poppins said...

That was me by the way, Miss. Poppins has been on here again, she has her own little private blog ;~)


Cowboys and Custard said...

Enjoy every minute Sal.. and reap the rewards of all your hard and clever work...
I shall be thinking of you and wish I could come and say hello to you and Amanda... I am sure it will be a happy day!

Michele xx

Professor Yaffle said...

Don't tell her in shack
But I'm off to Liverton Country Fair tomorrow and she thinks I'm watching the tennis
New balls please...;0)

Josie-Mary said...

Hope you have a great day & it stays dry. Love the flowers in the cup, really pretty. :)

sue15cat said...

Hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Your flowers are gorgeous.

Sue xx

Menopausal musing said...

You can't fail to do well! :O)x

Anonymous said...

I am glad your are enjoying your sweet peas..they are my most absolute favourite flower of fact I nearly have a vase of them in every room at the mo!! Patrick is going to the fair tomorrow with his friend, I have sent strict instructions for him to buy me something nice for my Bday from your stall...i am sure you can gently push him in the right direction. Have a wonderful day...I am sure you will do wonderfully.. Take care...Jane xxx

Isobel said...

Hi Sal, everything looks amazing! Hope you have a great fair!! x