Saturday, 26 April 2008

A daughter's birthday, a new bag and two strong men ;-)

We had a birthday in the family today ;-)
Happy Birthday Helen xxx

A 26th birthday on the 26th, could only mean one thing...26 presents!;-)

I had to employ 'couriers' for the day!

And even buy an extra bag ;-) LOL
(Can you spot it?)

Thank goodness I was able to stop off in the city, first!
After my purchase of the CK bag, in 'The Orange Tree', the very nice man there, gave me two free magazines:

...and he was most interested to hear about my blog post two weeks ago.(

Here's their website:

And here's some snippets from those mags:

Oooh.....and here's my other my dreams I mean ;-)

It's always lovely to go out for the day but even nicer to return home.

I have plenty of housework to do tomorrow , in particular, dusting! You need the right tools for the job, of course:

But I will probably use these CK flowery dusters for something completely different.

And do some gardening instead!

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Ten minutes down the line!

Anyone who alights at Newton Abbot railway station, must think that they've entered a world of paradise as they gaze across to Courtenay Park. It is a beautiful park.
It's also the park where I took my first steps, at 18 months old! (late walker, early talker!!).

Even the public loos are attractive!

I watched the world go by as I stood waiting for my 'shopping companion' to arrive. We then jumped on the train to:


It's a place with which you can never get bored!

A tall chimney signifies that the roof was once thatched...thus the chimney was taller in order to reduce the fire risk.

This building houses the famous 'Conker Shoes'. I zoomed in on the decorative features, which intrigued me. I need to investigate further!

Totnes has some wonderful shops :

In 'The Narrows' one of my faves is, 'This 'n That'...(where my dear DH found my old school desk, not too long ago.)

Not forgetting Gazebo, where all lovers of Cath Kidston and Greengate meet for their daily drool. ;-)

The walk back down the hill is easy! My sister bought this lovely quilt in a fairly new shop on 'The Plains' called, 'Inspired Buys'. I thought the quilt was very Amy Butler ish!

Here it is for all on Totnes station to admire!! ;-)

And my small purchases... I will blog tomorrow.... as that is enough for now ;-)