Saturday, 26 April 2008

A daughter's birthday, a new bag and two strong men ;-)

We had a birthday in the family today ;-)
Happy Birthday Helen xxx

A 26th birthday on the 26th, could only mean one thing...26 presents!;-)

I had to employ 'couriers' for the day!

And even buy an extra bag ;-) LOL
(Can you spot it?)

Thank goodness I was able to stop off in the city, first!
After my purchase of the CK bag, in 'The Orange Tree', the very nice man there, gave me two free magazines:

...and he was most interested to hear about my blog post two weeks ago.(

Here's their website:

And here's some snippets from those mags:

Oooh.....and here's my other my dreams I mean ;-)

It's always lovely to go out for the day but even nicer to return home.

I have plenty of housework to do tomorrow , in particular, dusting! You need the right tools for the job, of course:

But I will probably use these CK flowery dusters for something completely different.

And do some gardening instead!


Jennie said...

ooh I spied the bag I did!!
Happy birthday Helen!
Lovely presents and lovely pictures!

twiggypeasticks said...

Happy birthday Helen, I'm sooooo jealous of all the lovely birthday pressies!!
twiggy x

MarmaladeRose said...

Happy birthday from me! Those dusters are far to pretty for dusting! Best not to dust at all I say! I don't, and I find that once that dust gets sooo bad that you can't see the telly screen, then my husband does it! Fi x

Poppy Black said...

Happy birthday from New Zealand, Helen! What a lovely haul of presents. :) I love the CK bag. Are they really dusters? Goodness me, things are rather posh in the housekeeping departments of some English homes. The magazines look lovely. Even better when free! XXX


It only took a second to spot the bag, although you did have a good excuse this time! Happy Birthday to Helen, and that is a great idea, a present for every year. I always like to receive lots of little things, all separately wrapped mind you! x

Simone said...

I wish I had an 'Orange Tree' near me. I did not receive 45 presents on my birthday this year! The Exeter Living magazine looks very interesting. I love the new header and Happy Birthday Helen. I think that's covered everything!

She'sSewPretty said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter! Dusting? I'd rather be gardening. LOL And I love that bag!

Pixiedust said...

Happy Birthday Helen. Love the bag. I NEED SOME OF THOSE DUSTERS, they might make me a bit more eager to get on with the housework.

Summer by the sea said...

26 pressies? - Ooh I wish I was Helen - I open them so slowly though, it would probably take me 26 days to get through them all! - Lovely blog - Natalie x