Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Ten minutes down the line!

Anyone who alights at Newton Abbot railway station, must think that they've entered a world of paradise as they gaze across to Courtenay Park. It is a beautiful park.
It's also the park where I took my first steps, at 18 months old! (late walker, early talker!!).

Even the public loos are attractive!

I watched the world go by as I stood waiting for my 'shopping companion' to arrive. We then jumped on the train to:


It's a place with which you can never get bored!

A tall chimney signifies that the roof was once thatched...thus the chimney was taller in order to reduce the fire risk.

This building houses the famous 'Conker Shoes'. I zoomed in on the decorative features, which intrigued me. I need to investigate further!

Totnes has some wonderful shops :

In 'The Narrows' one of my faves is, 'This 'n That'...(where my dear DH found my old school desk, not too long ago.)

Not forgetting Gazebo, where all lovers of Cath Kidston and Greengate meet for their daily drool. ;-)

The walk back down the hill is easy! My sister bought this lovely quilt in a fairly new shop on 'The Plains' called, 'Inspired Buys'. I thought the quilt was very Amy Butler ish!

Here it is for all on Totnes station to admire!! ;-)

And my small purchases... I will blog tomorrow.... as that is enough for now ;-)


Dana Jones said...

What a nice trip you had. I love Amy Butler's designs. She is so hip, yet so rooted.

Simone said...

It looks like a lovely place to visit. What great weather you had too!

cd&m said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour of Totnes I would love to go there someday, Jane from Posy also talks of it and it sounds like the perfect place.

ethel and edna's tearoom said...

Oooh I can't wait now. I'm going to stay with my sis in Brixham at the weekend. Totnes is my very favourite place in Devon and I will be visiting on Saturday eveing to watch small nephew do his canoe lesson. Hope to go in the day time and hit the shops too. :0) Thanks for the lovely pics.

anne bebbington said...

I'm ashamed to say having lived in Taunton for two and a half years and holidayed near Bigbury on Sea last year that I've not been to Totnes yet - on the 'to-do' list now obviously although think it'll be a girly day with the daughters as DH and DS would be bored in ten seconds :o)

the homely year said...

Hi Sal, thanks for stopping by our blog.
What an interesting place Totnes is...the shops look just like the kinds of places we love to browse and the buildings sre really unusual. Shame it's too far for a day trip!
Margaret and Noreen at THY

twiggypeasticks said...

What a great shopping trip ! Get over to Twiggys place cos you've won an award lady :)
Twiggy x

Suzie Sews said...

I so WANT to go shopping with you, you know all the best shops!!!

MarmaladeRose said...

What a lovely days shopping, can't wait to see your small purchases!

Pixiedust said...

I think I would love Totnes. All that cath kidston and laura ashley type stuff is right up my street.

Poppy Black said...

That looked like just my kind of day out! I would be drooling over the Cath Kidston stuff too. Sadly lacking over here. The quilt is lovely. XXX

Poppy Black said...

By the way, I've got The Happy Hooker book. I've made the lovely long lacy scarf that supposedly takes one skein. XXX


I hope your sister's lovely quilt didn't end up as lost luggage! We have been down to the West Country upteen times now, but I don't think we have ever visited Totnes. Must get there next time. x

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Sal, Oh how I love Totnes... its my favourite place in the world. Next time you go shopping there, please count me in! xx

Mary said...

I've always enjoyed Totnes and when home even dh wants to go there to look around and eat outdoors at that restaurant on the river. Ticklemore Cheese is there too!

As for the park across from NA station - OMG - dare I tell you that I once had a romantic tryst there on a Summer evening! He was a gorgeous boy named Mike from Harbertonford........and on a motor bike! My mum would have killed me if she knew! Aren't memories awesome?

Cowboys & Custard said...

I love these shops in Totnes.. that is the main draw for me.. and the fact that it is en route to the beautiful South Hams..
Can't wait for some retail therapy there in the autumn..better start saving now!


Jennie said...

Wow what fantastic shops!! I am so jealous!