Thursday, 4 December 2008

Your 'alternative' morning!

Come with me, to a street called Ticklemore Street! Hurry up ! ;-)
Where else but ..TOTNES!! ;-)
But before you have a good wander with me, you'll need coffee...enter here... Fat Lemons Cafe...

You'll find it's a cafe with a difference..lots of yellow!!

You'll have a good choice of inside and outside seating.

You'll sit inside with me today... as it's a bit nippy outside although we seem to have escaped the worst weather..we usually do, here in South Devon.

And you'll love this little place (cos I'm telling you, you will!!)

And then when you've had your fill and taken your photos, naturally, you can come with me up the hill and savour the delights of'll already know a little about this quirky town because I've blogged it too many times to mention!
Oh yes! Totnes is different!
Bohemian in spirit...many people call it Boho Chic!
This is no clone town as you will see. In Totnes you get real shops!
You also get fossils and fairies....
crystals and kaftans....
and a trip into almost another world.
It is such a fabulously artistic place!
And that is why, along with me (and so many others) you will love Totnes!
A little way up the hill you'll stop awhile and notice that, in St Mary's church ,there's a Christmas Tree Festival!
You ask to look inside.

So many Christmas trees ! A most pleasant surprise!

Totnes is twinned with Vire in France , which this particular tree depicts .

You wonder what the people of Vire think of Totnes!! ;-)

You've enjoyed your morning in Totnes so much that you ask to come with me again, for late night shopping! A treat not to be missed!

On the way home, you ask if we can just nip into Fermoys, a garden centre just near Ipplepen...where you discover this gorgeous craft cabin with the nicest owner!!

You arrive home tired but really do know how to have a good time, don't you?

See you, for Totnes by night, on Tuesday 16th...and don't be late!! ;-)


MelMel said...

Thank you for a lovely fun it is...wonderful place!xxx

funkymonkey said...

I want to go shopping in!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Thank you for that jolly jaunt around Totnes Sal - got me really into the Christmas mood - that and the snow outside, I'll be singing carols in a minute!

April said...

what a gorgeous place

April xx

carolyn said...

As I gazed at those photographs of the Lemon Cafe I thought "Just the sort of place my brother would say was very Bohemian" then you said it yourself. Looking forward to the late night shopping.

cocoa and blankets said...

You can't see me Sal..BUT I a a very very dark shade of green...that cafe just looks like my kind of place....I had a friend who went to do a degree in animation in wonder she loved it...I think w should have a holiday in Devon..I wish I was sat having a natter and a coffee with you...and of course a piece o and hugs H

Donna said...

Lovely Sal. I am hoping to go to Totnes for real for one of the evening shopping dates but only if I have time. If not I shall rely on you to transport me there virtually :-)
Donna x

twiggypeasticks said...

You take us on some lovely trips Sal, all looks gorgeous. I LOVE your Christmassy banner.
Twiggy x

Bobbie Lynn said...

Thanks Sal for the photos and I just love that yellow cafe. I would love to own one.

BusyLizzie said...

I have been to Totnes.. wonderful place, we love it!
(also been to Vire.... not quite so exciting!)
Lizzie x

Clare said...

Hi Sal, Thank you for all the lovely photos - I love Totnes and bohemian is the perfect description for it! I haven't visited for a few years, but was thrilled to see the Fat Lemon Cafe is still there - we enjoyed a lovely lunch there one very hot and sunny July day. Clare x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Well done Sal. I really enjoyed that - there were so many of us though, so I'm glad there was room in the café!!!

Sue x

Leisa said...

Thank you for showing another lovely day out in Totnes. It must be such a lovely place to visit!

Josie-Mary said...

Thanks Sal, still hoping to make it next week but the trains are really odd, think I only get a couple of hours. I might try & find someone to drive me..... I'll have to do some sweet talking!!! Have a great time on the 16th. :)

Country Bliss said...

Thanks for that, after visiting Totnes in the summer, I must say it's one of my favourite towns and I can't wait to go again. Meanwhile I look forward to the virtual late night shopping trip on the 16th.
Yvonne x

MarmaladeRose said...

Your looking very Christmassy. Not sure about snow in York. It's about an hour and half away from us.
Looking forward to my next visit to Totnes. teehee!

Rosie said...

Totnes sounds great, just my kind of place - the Fat Lemon Cafe looks wonderful - I've enjoyed visiting and sharing a coffee with you:)

Cowboys and Custard said...

Do you think I could get to Totnes and back and have supper on the table by 7 p.m..? Not sure I can but I would really love to be there.,.. It is one of my fave places!
As for Fermoy's .. well well well.. what a coincidence that was...!


Carol said...

Hi Sal, what a lovely trip we had. The cafe looks very inviting.
I love all the red bits for Christmas///my favorite colour for Christmas!
Have a lovely weekend.
Carol xx

Shirl said...

Thank you for showing me Totnes Sal; my mother used to live in Teignmouth and we kept meaning to get to Totnes but never made it there before she moved!