Saturday, 6 December 2008

Musical Christmas Trees!! ;-)

After ten years of putting up the same old artificial Christmas Tree (which actually isn't bad as far as fake ones go), I kind of mentioned, last week, that I rather fancied a change:
' Darling , do you think we could buy a real one this year? '

Naturally, my words were greeted with....well, words that cannot be repeated here (as I have a certain standard to uphold !) ..anyway, you can guess!!

Mr Snippets and Christmas don't really have much of a place in the same sentence..or even the same house. He is not a great lover of the festive season. Nuff said!

Nevertheless, he drove me up to the Forestry Commission, Haldon Forest, this morning, where we mingled with thousands of Christmas trees and I chose one (in what I thought was record time!) - a fine six footer with good shape (that's the tree, not the husband!).

And then, back at home, I did a dumb thing! I decorated it...and having decorated it, I decided that it had to be moved!! LOL! Have you ever done that?

It had to be moved as it was so large, that when we sat down on our usual chairs (or I should say sofas, as we recently bought two lovely leather sofas), we could not see each other!!
Imagine that..talking through a tree for a month...;-) LOL!

So there he was, dragging a newly decorated, six foot tree, from one side of the lounge to the other.

Do you know, dear Mr Snippets did a wonderful job! Only two baubles fell off in the process and now it stands, stately, tall and proud, in one corner of the lounge.
Tis lovely!

Finally, before I forget, my little purchase from the craft barn at Fermoys..this beautiful little Jim Shore carving, from the 'Heartwood Creek' range caught my eye...

Maybe this is Mr Snippets showing me,in one hand, just the size of tree I should buy next year!!
(And showing me what a little angel I really am, in the other!)
And now I am off to admire my Christmas tree..and I'm wondering , would it look better over there..or maybe there..or !! ;-)
What Fun! ;-)


ginny said...

Hi Sal,
Surly Mr Snippets is no 'bah humbug'?
I have Rod lie under the tree twiddling it round and round (the tree)till I get the perfect angle. He is very tolerent. The choosing of the tree is another thing though. He always chooses one straight away and then I insist on looking at all the others and most often we return to the one he picked in the first place and get that one... well you have to be sure don't you?

Your tree looks lovely and I am so glad that you will be able to talk to each other for the rest of the holiday season.
with love
Ginny x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Sal

What a super tree - and yes ... Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without moving a fully decorated tree at least half-way round the room - and seeing how far away from the electric socket it can be without having to search for an extension lead ...

Sue x

MelMel said...

I just love your tree! I put mine up today....i feel all festive and cosy!

Tea with Willow said...

I've a lovely picture in my mind of Mr Snippets dragging the tree round the lounge - now that's dedication for you!!

There's nothing quite like a real tree, is there?! I might have to get a little one for the hallway, as we have our trusty old fake one in the lounge!

I love your decorations - looks magical!
Willow x

cocoa and blankets said...

Hi Sal...I think I see some Cath K decorations there...guess what my lovely friend JJ texted me last night there is now a CATH SHOP IN HARROGATE!!!!!!!!!!!! twenty minutes away nearest town yipeeeeee!!!
I know about moving trees...Polly and I had to lift itonto the laundry basket and boy was it the way..I think your Mr Snippet looks in very fine shape to and hugs H

Country Bliss said...

I have a bah humbug in this house too but I choose to ignore him! He's never moved a fully decorated tree for me though!
I'm getting excited now I managed to buy 2 bags of vintage baubles in a CS shop yesterday for the grand price of 50p each, it made my day lol.
I love your wonderful carving.
Yvonne x

Josie-Mary said...

I also have a bah humbug in my house... is it all men??? Your tree looks lovely :)

Cowboys and Custard said...

To be honest.. I am much more of a humbug than Mr Custard. He loves the whole glittery.. festive affair.. I however like to remove all cards and decorations as soon as Christmas day is over.. I do hold back though and wait till Twelfth night as I am a bit superstitious about these matters.
I am looking forward to getting our tree though.. it is something we do much nearer to Christmas otherwise the dear Mr Pickles sees it as a glorified climbing frame and strips it bare of it's baubles...

Michele xx

B A Humbug said...

I happen to know that Jim Shore got his inspiration for this example from the Heartwood Creek range when his wife had made him move a fully decorated tree from here to there, wait, no, how about no, perhaps where it was
You see this tree my little angel......
Can commenters have giveaways for anyone who can finish my line? lol

Josie said...

real trees are lovely, we have one every year, hubby loves them, he hates plastic trees. We're getting ours next weekend.
Josie x

Country Cottage Chic said...

Mr Snippets should get many brownie points for doing that without (much) complaining!

Your tree looks very pretty...ours is currently a work in progress (having a tea break - well, we are decorating two trees - one is 6 feet tall & the other 8 feet so it takes a while!)

Miaou said...

LOL at you needing to move the tree! I'm hoping to avoid that this year. We have just got ours out of the loft but I think I'll wait a wee while yet before I put it up (too tempting for the little ones!)

Simone said...

I would love to have a real tree but each year my OH lovingly takes hours to put up our tree. It is a huge thing and each branch layer has to be individually inserted into the main branch. It would be so much less hassle to have a real tree! I like the Jim Shore decoration.

Rosie said...

Hi Sal,Thanks for the laugh I had imagining Mr Snippets and the tree. It looks lovely filled with your Christmas baubles colected over the years.
I love that sort the best. Not the designer ones with colour co-ordinating baubles. Well to be honest I did dabble with the idea last Christmas thinking that the boys were grown up and wouldn't mind. They took one look and complained so much that the little things that they had made and collected over the years weren't on it that I had to quickly put them on. It did look much better. x

Sea Angels said...

Oh and don't they smell divine...last year we could not afford one, so this year I put some money away each week (didn't know I would be doing the fayre)so that when this year came we would not be treeless, and yours Sal is stunning I love the way you have dressed it.. and what a lovely husband you have....Happy Second Advent.
Hugs Lynn xx

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

No Grinches are allowed at Christmas! Now I do love a real tree because if gives the home a lovely scent, however I don't like the needles that drop. So, with that being said, we have fake trees and Evergreen scented candles. :)

I love your tree!!! So cute!!


Lace hearts said...

Oh, your post made me laugh. Real trees smell so lovely, don't they. I've done that before, but never moved a tree across a room once decorated!

Josie-Mary said...

Sorry to miss you yesterday, I'm working next Sunday. You & Mr Snippets should visit the anchor, you could get off the train at Starcross, the food was excellent & it was really cozy with log fires etc. Hope you have a good Monday :)

Wild Rose said...

I had to smile at the thought of you and Mr Snippets sitting either side of a 6-foot tree! It reminded me of the film Christmas With The Kranks when they borrow a tree (complete with decorations) from a neighbour's house.

Anyway, your tree looks terrific.

Marie x

Rosie said...

Great tree, thanks for making me smile at moving your tree. I'd love a real tree but will probably put up the one we've had for years - once I can get it out of the roof space, of course:)

Amy said...

Glad the tree made the move without much ado!!!

funkymonkey said...

This gave us all a good laugh...nothing like that goes on here of course!


twiggypeasticks said...

I love real trees, and love your comment about the 6 footer - tee hee, lovely tree ornaments. We had a real tree a few years ago when we had a couple of house guinea pigs (I kid you not, they were house trained). Anyhoo they took to rolling about under the tree and came out one day looking like a pair of hedgehogs :) Jim Shaw stuff is GORGEOUS!!
Twiggy x

twiggypeasticks said...

Or even Jim Shore ;)

galant said...

I wouldn't give an artificial tree house room! They might look stunning, but they're shop window dressing, really (i.e. as in for shops only.) We always have a real tree and if we couldn't afford one then I'd simply bring in twigs from the garden, spray them white, silver or gold and decorate them. We have bought our tree today (a Nordman fir) but won't bring it into the house until later in the week (it's in a bucket of water in the garage right now) to give me time to clean and polish the house in readiness for Christmas. We don't go overboard on decorations ... just lots of greenery, flowers in copper lustre jugs, bowls of nuts and sugared almonds, a comport of clementines, and the cards around the square arch between the sitting and dining room and the room is decorated.
Margaret Powling

Shirl said...

A beautiful tree Sal and I just love your decorations! We're off to look for ours at some point today.

Ragged Roses said...

Hello! Gosh I'm feeling so unorganised at the moment, everyone seems to have a tree up and decorated! Your tree looks lovely, great decorations. WE have to rearrange our whole room around our tree, otherwise we end up completely swamped by its branches. Wherever it ends up, it usually has at least one of our two cats hanging from it!

sharie said...

LOL lovely tree and funny story!
My Mr Sharie hates christmas and says it is only for little kids - I call him Mr Scrooge!

Still got to get my chrimbo tree, what fun that will be :-)