Sunday, 21 December 2008

Beating the rush!

To mingle with the crowds, is not a lot of fun,
I could think of better things to do... but have to get this done!
I think I'll have my coffee first and put my brain in gear,
Don't want to give them gifts, the same as last year!

Now, what for dear DH ... some wine in a casket?
My daughter's into Wicca ... maybe a laundry basket? ;-)
My son, he has the travel bug... so how about a map
Of Exeter? No, been there done that... he'll only think that's ****! ;-)

My mum loves 'Homes and Antiques'... so that's her sorted out.
My dad says she is an antique... so he'll just get a clout.
My Great Aunt Prue is 98 and wants some thermal knickers
To go with those, I'll get her chocs ... she likes the sort called Snickers.

Uncle Brian supports the Saints, so something red and white.
Or a guide to a lower division? relegation is their plight (LOL)
My sis, the CK fan ... her present's on the shelf...
In Orange Tree, ( I'll buy the two..I need one for myself!) (Naturally!)

Oh my! Is that the time? And I'm not even dressed.
I blame this bl**dy blog...I'm not ready for this fest
So much to do, so little time and all I do is chat
Christmas, flippin Christmas..better get 'me hat'!

And 'me coat' ... and off I go, happily to town,
To mingle with the crowds...won't let it get me down!
I'll meet you back here, later, for a cuppa and a bun,
We'll swap notes about our day... I'm sure yours will be fun. ;-)

I do hope you've all had successful shopping outings this weekend! ;-)


April said...

what a brilliant rhyme

April xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

I have avoided town like the plague.. or make that 'with' the plague..
I think there is a definite poet laureate hiding in Sal's Snippets...

Country Cottage Chic said...

Hurry, hurry, hurry Sal,
Dear old blogging Pal!
The shops are open, the goods are there,
Pretty things to eat & wear!
Take your purse as well as your hat,
And don't come home with the same old tat!

Ava Dinuff said...

All the presents bought and wrapped
Neatly arranged beneath the tree
The carolers gloved scarfed and capped
Gifts for the family and hopefully me

Christmas fare upon the table
On the radio carols from Kings
A glass or two if I am able
To help wash down these lovely things

Dinner eaten waist band now to unbutton
Pudding mince pies or the trifle
Such treats tempt me to be a glutton
A yawn now so hard to stifle

Christmas cake perhaps Yule log
Please decide, it's time to blog

Simone said...

That's a great poem Sal! I love all the pictures too! I still have shopping to get but seem to have buried my head in the sand!

Country Bliss said...

That made me laugh, great rhyme.
Yvonne x

thevintagemagpie said...

LOL! What talent poets you all are! Have a wonderful Christmas Sal.. xxx

Rosie said...

Wonderful, Sal - great poem and I love the illustrations:) Shopping? I still have a list of a few items! Cleaning? - still to be done! Tree? - still in its box! - oh, well, I'll be back for the cuppa:)

Anonymous said...

Oh I love these pictures! Such a tranquil feel to them...
Have a very Merry Christmas.