Saturday, 20 December 2008

Thank you so much darling, it's just what I wanted!

'It beats as it sweeps as it cleans' ;-)

I've been reading a book which I bought for 1p (and the usual £2.75 postage)
'The Good Housekeeping Christmas Book: The Best of "Good Housekeeping" at Christmas, 1922-62'

This advert jumped out at me!! So much so, I have to share it.

Oh yes, that's me, obviously! ;-)

Same here!

I'm non stop when it comes to the housework! ;-)

Well.. I used to be a busy mum! And my time is still well spent with youngsters.

Oh most definitely... I do seem to be becoming a little weary nowadays. Ouch! My back's playing up... again ;-)

Oh yes, never complaining and so, naturally, that has to be me.. and yes I do so want to cut time off the housework (in order to blog more...snigger!)

I'm sure you are all these things too?!

So here's what we all deserve, girls...your best Christmas present...

Did you catch that?

Here it is again...

Having thought long and hard, for about a nano second..

You know where I think he should stick that hoover?

And as for the you know what I'd do with that?

Answers in the comments section, please ;-)

(With utmost apologies to anyone who has requested a new hoover for Christmas..!)


Anonymous said...

I love that advert! And I bet the book will be fun!! Good find!


Josie-Mary said...

Ha Ha Ha ...that's so funny!!! :)x

cocoa and blankets said...

Sal...I thought I was the only one who got up at the crack of dawn to blog...its the holidays you should be having a lie in...I love love love the book...unfortunately I have had much worse presents from Mr Bricolage over the years...Polly has been told that she is now old enough to pick out and advise him regarding my pressies. However this year everyone ave put together to buy me a dream sewing machine...guess where we are going in an pay homage with gold, credit card and wonder....the new C A T H
K I D S T O N in harrogate....bliss Polly has her first mission...hinting to Mr B

Country Cottage Chic said...

You mean you DON'T want a new Hoover for Christmas? What kind of a wife & mother are you? Cleaning appliances are always on the top of my Christmas list so I can do even more housework - my favourite pastime!

ginny said...

Oh Sal, you are brilliant... what a hoot. i haven't asked for a hoover but we do need a new vaccum as our has a pathetic sucking action!

Have a great weekend.
love ginny xx
p.s. such a good post to start the day off to!

Sandra said...

LOL I love your blog, I've been a lurker for a long time but this post just cracked me up. LOL

Simone said...

Haven't times changed?!!!

Shirl said...


Mrs.Kwitty said...

LOL!! WHAT?! My hubby, thankfully, knows better :o)

Smiles, Karen

Things Hand Made said...

Thats just brilliant!

DH said...

For Sale
One ironing board, with CK cover
Never used
Still gift wrapped
Can be delivered personally for Christmas as I don't expect to be allowed in the house now, especially if she finds out

galant said...

Yes, times have certainly changed ... but we must remember that a Hoover was a luxury item in those days. Compared with wages, it was exceptionally expensive - indeed, all electrical goods were - so although to us it would be the pits to get something which clearly meant 'work', to women right up to the 1950s or early 1960s this would have meant an end to using a broom or a useless carpet sweeper (and I wonder how many of those reading this have used one of those?) So, while we can smile and even scoff a little at the very idea of a present like this, let's not forget how life was then, when a woman might really have been grateful for a Hoover.

Kitty said...

I know exactly where the hose and lead would go! WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE!

Looks a fabulous book. x

J Edgar said...

Please don't make the same mistake as I did
It wasn't entirely the pain that I minded but more the case of not being able to leave the house by more than thirty feet
Unless of course I removed the plug from the socket first
You have been warned
Still its not as effeminate as having a yellow duster etc

Sal said...

To my dear DH...The CK ironing board cover would be much appreciated as it adds a certain something to the kitchen decor. ;-)

I am sure that any woman would be glad of a new super duper hoover..but to have it given as a Christmas gift...well!!


Cowboys and Custard said...

I think I would be tempted to play cricket using the new hoover and the ball would be a certain male appendage!!
I can honestly say that I received a floor mop for Christmas once upon a time.. not in this lifetime.. in a previous life.. if you get my drift.. anyway.. I was speechless and it wasn't with gratitude!!

Hope you are feeling a whole lot better Sal..
Michele xxx

funkymonkey said...

My present is wrapped up and under the is definately not a hoover. (Hurrah!)


April said...

hilarious advert - but I don't want a hoover either!

April xx

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Cleaning the carpets in our house is a family fun day, and environmentally friendly too. Realizing that hoovers don't always pick up hair and fur, we experimented with different methods, and the following is the most fun and good exercise too! Wearing shoes or plimsolls with those crepey/rubbery soles, run your foot along the carpet, and all the fluff/fur/hair sticks (by static?) to your sole - absolutely masses of it! We put some up-beat music on and have a great time. Keeps the energy bills down too! (But there again, we are neccentric).

Country Bliss said...

I bought the same book a while ago, it is very funny! I don't want a hoover either although I did have a food mixer for my birthday, but that was red!
Yvonne x