Tuesday, 23 December 2008

A Carefree Christmas

Having been slightly under the weather lately, I'm hoping to bounce right back now..and what better way than to remind yourself that you can have a carefree Christmas!
I love some of these old sweet recipes and often adapt them,which simply means double the recipe and making them bigger than the bite sizes suggested!! ;-)
8oz creamy toffees
4oz Rice Crispies
2 tablespoons water
2 oz milk chocolate
Cake cases..(or mini ones)
1. Place toffees in pan with water. Heat gently, stirring until toffee has melted.Remove from heat.
2. Add Rice Crispies and stir.
3. Spoon into cake cases
4. Melt the chocolate and then pipe or swizzle on to the Crispies. Leave to set.

Or you can make them small and bag them up as gifts...lovely!

Hope your Christmas food preparations are going just tickety boo!!


Country Bliss said...

Feeling peckish now:) What a lovely book. I have lots of baking to do but have been ill for a few days!
Happy Christmas.
Yvonne x

Hen said...

Well, I'm certainly eating a lot, if that's what you mean!
Hen x

Rosie said...

Sorry to hear you have not been feeling too good. The recipe looks tasty. Not sure I have time to try it before Christmas now. Talk about a carefree Christmas thats what I would like but not sure it's what I am going to get. Have a Happy Christmas x

summerfete said...

Happy Christmas Sal
Hope you are feeling better!
love Clare x

Wild Rose said...

Oh, my mouth is watering now. I think I'm going to have a cup of tea and a mince pie!

Merry Christmas Sal,

Marie x

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Tickety boo! lol I love that! I hope your Christmas goes the same--have a beautiful and Blessed Christmas and a very Happy and healthy New Year!
Smiles, Karen

Josie said...

those goodies looks great, Merry Christmas!
Josie x

MelMel said...

Oh poor you, its rotten feeling like this, how long were you down?

I need to be better for tomorrow, i have to take my niece out, to buy her mums gift!!!!
thank fully Olly is off....so that will be a help!xxx

A very Merry Christmas!xxx

cocoa and blankets said...

Have a lovely Christmas Sal...love and hugs H

Country Cottage Chic said...

Ooh those Gingerbread people look very scary!

Lace hearts said...

I wish I could nibble a couple of those right now! Happy Christmas, Sal. x

Ragged Roses said...

Hope you are feeling better, look after yourself. Those goodies look very tempting ,,, my youngest and I have spent the afternoon making bath bombs!!!! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas

French Knots said...

Hope you are feeling better.
My Mum used to make all sorts of yummy goodies from Family Circle when we were little, has it got Crisp and Hearty in it?? A healthy mix of chocolate, syrup, rice crispies and glace cherries!
Have a lovely Christmas x

Alison Boon said...

Hope you manage a carefree Christmas. Have a good one.

Things Hand Made said...

Merry christmas

Cowboys and Custard said...

I am practising what little willpower I have left and resisting most sweet things until tomorrow when I will indulge myself and probably feel horribly sick by the end of the day.. but then I've always got Nurse Flo to look after me!
Hope your appetite is back Sal and you feel bright eyed and bushy tailed in time for tomorrow..
A very Happy Christmas my dear friend..
Michele xx

This Vintage Life... said...

They look just the thing to enjoy after all that Christmas shopping!
Enjoy a wonderful Christmas Sal.
Deb x

Rosie said...

Hope you are feeling better now and that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

Tea with Willow said...

All I can say, is .... YUM, YUM, YUM !!!
Willow x