Monday 20 May 2024

The start of the Rose season…

Gertrude Jekyll was a British horticulturalist, garden designer, writer and artist who created hundreds of gardens in her lifetime. It is therefore fitting that this most beautiful rose was named after her. Bred by David Austin, in 1986, it has large blooms and a strong scent and is usually one of the first roses to bloom. And this year, mine started to bloom in early May!

Living very near to Gertrude, in my garden, is another stunning rose, ‘ It’s a Wonderful Life’.
This one is a fairly new breed, bred by Colin Dickson, and produces long lasting, apricot coloured flowers, which are lightly scented. And this one, too was blooming just after Gertrude came into bloom.

  Aren’t they both lovely?

 I love Roses and I have various others in bud, about to burst into flower! As many people know, my favourite Rose, ever, is ‘Peace’. If I could choose only one rose then it would most certainly be ‘Peace’!

But for now, I’m delighted that the pruning in February as well the feeding in the spring, appears to have paid dividends! 

Watch this space for more blooms! 🌹 🥀 🌹 


  1. I inherited lots of various roses when I moved in here - but no scent at all - which is sad

  2. Beautiful - roses should always have scent, I think, and it's such a shame if they don't.

  3. Oh yes, both beautiful. And thanks for your comment on my post earlier. 'It's A Wonderful Life' is indeed lovely.

  4. Beautiful roses, such lovely colours, both of them

  5. Oh how happy I am to see the first roses.
    Both of you are beautiful :-))
    I really like the colors and also the full flowers.
    The first small buds can be seen on my roses in the garden... it will take a while until they bloom...
    A greeting comes to you from Viola.

  6. Well having seen your name on various blogs I visit I thought I would hop over and see you :)
    I'm pleased I did.
    Such beautiful roses.

    All the best Jan


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