Tuesday 21 May 2024


When we moved to our present house, almost two years ago, I inherited one large compost bin. I think that the previous owner had obviously used it for garden waste as it was pretty full. However, on further investigation, when I opened the window at the bottom , there was so much compost pouring out and it was lush...absolutely wonderful!  I have to add that I’m no expert on compost and I am learning as I go! 

My aim has been to buy less and less bags of compost. I use a lot of compost and I haven’t been particularly happy with the peat free, even though I think it’s the right thing to do!  Whether my own home made compost will be any better, who knows? But I don’t see why not!

The original bin ( above) must’ve been sited in the right place as since then, every six months ish, I’ve been the lucky recipient of a number of bucketfuls of rich compost and it therefore seemed a good idea to buy some more compost bins. I did this last autumn; since then I’ve been using the second bin for kitchen waste but I’ve not yet started to use the third bin. That will happen soonish.

Anyway, yesterday, was the day to deal with the compost! Out poured the usual, rich, lush compost from the largest bin. But what we did notice was that there were few worms in it! When we went to the second bin, it was full of worms doing their job…and this was the bin where we’d been putting the kitchen waste.

As the first bin was now only half full, we decided to transfer some of the contents of the second bin, into the large bin, to try to give the second bin more worms! 

After a little bit of tamping down and also watering the compost, I’m looking forward to seeing what transpires in a few months time!

Meanwhile I’ve been reading this little book in order to ‘gen up’ on compost…hopefully, I’ll become more expert,very soon! 

If you have any tips on making compost, please share! 


  1. I mix my garden and kitchen waste into one bin, which is full of worms, I dig it out twice a year. I also have 2 black dustbins, which I full with leaves every autumn, makes great leaf mulch and looks tidy, I have holes along the side about 3inches up, and some wire folded to all air in. If I purchase compost, I tend to get rose and shrub one, it's better than the cheaper bags.

  2. I hope the worms proliferate.


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