Thursday 16 May 2024

More garden ramblings…!

One of the plants that we inherited when we moved here almost two years ago, was this stunning Rhododendron. I don’t know the actual name of this one but it really is beautiful! It’s bloomed just as the Azalea close by to it, has finished flowering. I’m sure that whoever planned this garden gave it so much thought..and time.

Meanwhile,  I popped to ‘Plant World’, yesterday, with just one aim! They always grow and sell lovely pots of Nemesia and they sell like hot cakes. Luckily, I live two minutes away from this delightful nursery.
It’s a proper nursery too! Overlooking the River Teign, Plant World has much to offer.Not only are the plants superb, healthy and very reasonably priced but the gardens are a joy in which to wander.

I came home feeling very inspired!

I’m pleased with my own garden yet I still don’t feel as if it’s completely mine and I marvel at what’s been done here before we ever arrived. I believe it was the original owner of the house who was the keen gardener; he obviously spent a lot of time tending this garden and now we are reaping the benefit of the larger trees and shrubs.

We’ve added small touches, such as this area which was just an area of gravel. I’d give anything to have a proper pond but we haven’t the room and so I made a container pond, which is better than nothing. A pond in a garden is a MUST in my opinion. We soon found out that the wildlife arrives so quickly, when we made a large pond in our previous garden.

I’m a huge Geum lover and am trying to add a few new varieties to the garden. The Geum in the photo above, is Firestorm, and the Geum in the photo below is Mai Tai.


  1. I agree with you - a pond is essential, no matter how small.

  2. Your garden is stunning, I too prefer a nursery rather than a garden centre,

  3. Your garden looks gorgeous. I like this time of year when everything is fresh and bright. I've recently downsized to a balcony and two pots but even then I'm not sure what I'm doing. Love gardens but I'm no gardener!


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