Monday 26 February 2024


Oh heck….I’ve been such a bad blogger, just lately. I’ve been trying to perfect my crocheting skills..which I think are improving…I attempted the ripple stitch, which is quite easy...until you get carried away and forget to count! But I think I’ve ’cracked it’ now!

And as well as this, I’ve been thinking about the garden and what to do with it this year. 

All that we’ve had, here in South Devon, weather wise, is rain, rain and more rain; talk about enough to drive one bonkers. February is usually when I start to get outside and make a start on tidying, pruning, planting etc and I’ve not managed to get outside as much as I’d have liked. 

Having said that, I have planted my Foxgloves, ( two dozen+)  grown from seed last year; hopefully, they will provide a lovely display in June. I just have a handful of smaller ones remaining, to plant. In the greenhouse, I have Comfrey in flower. I grew those from cuttings and they will go into my newly enlarged raised bed, also soonish, I say ‘soonish’ as although the bed is constructed, I need to order topsoil. Plus…I have been looking after a few of my son’s precious plants, which he healed in, temporarily, when he moved house, just before Christmas.

So, with my raised bed in mind, I’ve been trying to plan what to plant and how to organise it. 

Sweet Peas are a ‘MUST’ ! I’ve been collecting packets of seeds since last year….and introduced myself to them, earlier…

Varieties are: Early Mammoth, Prize Strain Mixed, Old Spice, Cupani, Floral Tribute, Top to Bottom, Spencer Mixed, Odorata ‘Sweet Dreams’ Mammoth Scarlet, Promise, Mammoth Rose pink, Winston Churchill.

I reckon that’s more than enough! 

Dahlias are my next choice…I have a few tubers stored away but I’ve just ordered 7 new tubers…

Arabian Nights

Bahama Mama

Art Deco

Caramel Antique


All Directions

Peaches and Cream

I particularly like the look of ‘Caramel Antique’, a new variety. So watch this space.

So what else to grow in my raised bed? I think, bearing in mind that I won’t have much room remaining, probably some patches of wild flowers as I was really successful with these last year.  I don’t have the room for much veg or salad bits but could probably squeeze in some lettuce along the edge. 

It will certainly be good to get back to some gardening and let’s face it, getting outside does one the world of good! 😁


  1. Lovely selection of dahlias - they will look beautiful. We need some wind to dry the soil and some sun to warm it. It's a mud bath!

  2. Your garden is going to look so lovely!
    It took me a while to get ripple stitch too but eventually . . . xx

  3. My main flowers are Peony and begonias, I have loads in our small garden. Love the colours on your ripple blanket.

  4. That's a lovely selection of dahlias, I particularly like Peaches and Cream. Your crochet looks beautiful

  5. Your ripple crochet is lovely. I especially like your colour choices.
    Your garden is going to look beautiful in summer with all those flowers. X

  6. Your crochet is looking good, I love that lime green colour. Garden pics are lovely, we haven't started to clear our beds after winter yet, just cut back some old stems, its been too wet and cold.

  7. That's one sewing skill I never managed to become proficient in!!! Your attempt looks really good, and lovely colors.

    Sal dear, re: foxgloves. Should I plant the seeds you shared now in pots - or can I scatter them in a bed?
    Mary X


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