Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Time for coffee! ;-)

It's always a pleasure to have coffee with my daughter 

and today we found ourselves in Coffee 1, which is situated

 in the centre of Newton Abbot.

It just so happened that we were the only people upstairs

so I did a a quick flit around with

my camera before the place started to become busy.

I didn't even know that an upstairs existed!

Adorning the walls are posters of covers of well known books....

Also on offer was a bag of free coffee grounds...

as well as interesting quotes....and some very useful 

information regarding Welsh cakes...

Someone has also taken the time to research a 

snippet or two of local history...

John Lethbridge is buried in Wolborough churchyard ...

the very church where I was christened.

All in all, a very interesting coffee time! 

1 comment:

KC'sCourt! said...

Wow, what a wonderful place. I loved the Tintin books when I was a child, they bought back memories for me.

Looks like a coffee shop that I need to seek out just to see the pictures on the walls.

Julie xxxxx