Sunday, 19 March 2017

The curtain rises ... and the stars take their places!!

Welcome to my theatre...aka my spring garden.

These little 'stars', above, are Anemone Blanda and they have been

an instant hit with me, in my front garden. 

Having spent a couple of hours, this morning, 

beavering away in my potting area, I took myself for a walk, 

with my camera.

It's always a pleasure when spring greets you with such

beauty, colour and style, as if to say, 

'Well, that was a good winter's sleep, now for some action!'

So...action we have....coming at me from all directions...

May I introduce to you, Scilla, Arabis, Primula, Celandine, 

Narcissi (of various types), Primroses, Hellebores,

Muscari, Violets, Tulips, Cowslips, Heather, Forget-Me-Not,

Fritillary, Periwinkle, Cyclamen, Erysimum and even some lovely,

blue Rosemary, in bloom.

And that's just for starters; it is after all, only March! 


Do enjoy this is only Act 1 and

further players will enter the stage as the spring progresses

and the summer makes it entrance, later on. 

But for now, let us enjoy the spring time and lap up

what is on offer on the 'stage' of my theatre.

I think that the scene is set for a very exciting

few months indeed!




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