Sunday, 4 October 2015

Snippets and ...looking forward to brekkie in a different room!!

Having said that autumn was creeping in, on my previous blog post...what happens?

 Summer says,  'Not likely' and gives autumn a bit of a shove, backwards!!

At least that's what has happened in sunny Devon during the last 2 weeks!!! 

Glorious sunshine has taken 'Indian Summer' as they call it...

and some lovely things have been going on in the garden, too!!

I've been loving these! They give a lovely splash of colour to the back garden.

 I staggered the sowing of my Nasturtiums this year, the second batch being

this variety, 'Cherry Rose'.

Delicious!! Yes, you can eat Nasturtiums, although I haven't eaten these!

I've put some winter flowering Pansies into some old tins

and hung them on a dead apple tree, which is proving to

be very useful in its after life!

And I've discovered a new variety of Pansy...enter:

 Frizzle Sizzle...I adore them!!

With their little frilly petals, these are guaranteed to bring cheer through the autumn.

They look ready to party!

 Party away, Frizzle Sizzles!!!

I'm definitely on the lookout for more seeds or plugs!

Now then...quietly getting on with life, yet going nowhere is this beauty, below!!

I've never grown pumpkins but Nich gave me this plant and I have nurtured and watched it

throughout the summer months.

Keep growing, you beauty!!

Moving on...

Today, we cleaned the summer house...

..and rid it of many spiders, moths and other creepy crawlies.

It was a well overdue clean and tidy up and although I haven't used it 

too much this year, I love the peace and escape that

our summerhouse offers.

And talking of interesting spaces...

Something very exciting is about to happen very shortly

at Woodpeckers!! I can hardly contain myself!

This is the back of our house...well it was... but my hard working

other half has had to remove all of the Ivy, Wisteria and whatever else has

been growing along this wall as, very soon, we are having a Garden Room

built here! this space...we hope to move in well before Christmas!!

(The only argument might be...where to put the Christmas tree!!)

'Brekkie in the Garden Room, darling?'

'I should say so!'


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Vintage Jane said...

Those Pansies are lovely! I am very envious of your summerhouse and even more so of the impending Garden Room. Have fun! M x