Tuesday, 15 September 2015

And in creeps autumn! ;-)

I always think that it's interesting to take a camera for a walk around

 the garden, in mid September.

And it's always the old shed that introduces autumn to the mix.

I think the old shed would actually fall down if it wasn't kept together with

a combination of Virginia Creeper and Ivy!

But I know that it's a home to all sorts of 'nature' and thus every year,
and all through the year, it plays its part so very well.

I love the colours that are crawling up and down the shed door.


I'm keeping an eye on Mr Pumpkin!

He (or she) seems very happy in it's home, for the time being.

I've sown a variety of of Pansy seeds to give some autumn and winter colour.

Their faces are so appealing.

Enjoy the autumn garden, everyone!



Vintage Jane said...

Gorgeous colours ... especially the shed!

Nich said...

Ah yes I remember, the shed always announced the arrival of autumn in this garden. Beautiful stuff... and I love the pumpkin!