Saturday, 14 March 2015

Happy Birthday to my other half...make mine shaken, not stirred...and with a twist, please! ;-)

It all began, back in early February, when I woke up early; I set about

trying to win an auction, on eBay. As the seconds counted down to zero, I knew that

 I had to beat off some stiff competition!

 There's nothing worse than those last few seconds as your heart pounds

 and you hope that you've done enough to win! 

I had!!!


Of course, this wonderful win isn't the 'real thing' ; it's not the original.

The original would've cost me silly money...thousands, in fact!

Yet, even the facsimile is very sought after!

I know nothing much about cocktails, I hasten to add!

And the book wasn't for me; Mr Snippets had been

showing an interest and although I knew little about the subject, I knew that

this was THE book to buy.

Little did I know that this would be the beginning of something much BIGGER!!

Thus, it didn't stop there!! ;-)

A week or two later we were stalling at the Tavistock Vintage fair.

Having set up my stall, I was mooching around, as you do before opening time!

Suddenly, my heart stopped, my jaw hung open and

I froze, briefly.

There, in front of me, was one of the loveliest cocktail cabinets

that I've ever seen!

I suppose what made this really special was the fact that it was

 surrounded by all the right accessories, which set it off to its best.

But my golly, it was a real beauty!!

Marching back to my stall, like a woman on a very important mission,

I summoned my other half.

' You just HAVE to come and see this!'

I didn't tell him what it was and I think he was probably quite reluctant to

get up from his chair, having settled down with a cuppa

after carrying all my boxes from the car.

But up he got....(which is strange as he's not 

usually THAT obedient! ;-)

To say that he was as 'taken' with the said item as I was, would be an understatement!

But he had to act quickly!

 This was not a time to dither or prevaricate!

Oh no!!

  'And you do have a very special birthday coming up!'

I concluded.

Decision made.

Had we left it an hour, this little beauty would no longer have been on offer.

And, at the end of the day, we were told that the stall holder, 

'could've sold it ten times over!'

I'm not surprised!

Needless to say, it's settled, quite nicely, into its new home!

It's charm personified and it adds a certain something to our surroundings.

Oh yes, we've made it very welcome indeed!

And in the evenings, it springs into life and adds a very

warm feel to the lounge.

There are three of us in this marriage now! ;-) ;-)

All that Mr S has to do now, is to learn to be the perfect bartender!

I'm sure that he'll soon get the hang of it!

And all that remains for me to do is raise my glass and say,

 'A Very Happy Birthday, Hally! 

I hope that this gives you many years of mixing, shaking and stirring...

 not to mention the flipping, the spinning and the throwing... oh and whatever else

takes your fancy!! 


;-) xxx


Anonymous said...

Hello Dear
The home visitor told me you have a new blog
What's it called?
I used to have one called Fido
I am writing this on my new difference machine courtesy of Charles Babbage, mind he's getting on now, anyways you call them computers
I'm afraid it's me that is shaken nowadays but not stirred
as I am oblivious to what's going on around me see
Thank you for all your kindnesses Doris I must be off to pass all them buses now it's free

Alex H said...

I am the last barman poet.
I see Devon drinking
the fabulous cocktails I make,
Devonians getting stinky
on something I stir or shake.

The Sex on the Beach,
the schnapps made from peach,
the Velvet Hammer,
the Alabama Slammer!

I make things with juice and froth,
the Pink Squirrel,
the three-toed sloth.

I make drinks so sweet and snazzy,
the Iced Tea, the Kamikaze,
the Orgasm, the Death Spasm,
the Singapore Sling,
the Ding-a-ling.

Devon, you've just been devoted
to every flavor I've got.
But if you want to get loaded,
why don't you just order a shot?!

Bar is OPEN.

- Happy Birthday to Mr S.