Saturday, 28 March 2015

Charm personified! ;-)

For many months I have been looking for some unique driftwood models

for my ‘classroom’ in order to use them for some (hopefully!) inspiring creative writing.

Although my budget was limited, I wanted to find something a little different from the norm; 

something unique and maybe something with a story. And then, one day...lo and behold...

I stumbled across  ‘Trysorau Cymraeg'.

I soon found out that  ‘Trysorau Cymraeg ‘ means "Welsh Treasures"!

These designs are handmade in Wales and the artist uses reclaimed materials in order to

celebrate and promote Welsh culture and history. 

I was hooked!

My first 'find' was 'Pembrokeshire Farmhouse'

I read the 'spec' and this is what it said:

'Pembrokeshire Farmhouse - A typical West Wales farmhouse on the coastal path! Set on a base of driftwood from Pendine Beach in West Wales, the farmhouse is entirely made from locally sourced reclaimed materials with a Welsh slate roof.  The 'beudy' (cowshed) has a rusty tin roof and water trough.  The old tree is made from local dried heather.  Rusty reclaimed nails and wire complete the scene for a walk along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Footpath - Welsh Treasure to take home and keep!'

I then added to my first find ;-)

 'Gwalia Bakery and Stores' 

'Made from reclaimed materials and set on driftwood from Llangennith Beach, Gower.  Gwalia Bakery and Stores has a Welsh slate roof. The 'bread baskets' are made from very tiny nut shells and the signpost is made from rusty tin and nails. '

How charming! ;-)

Not content with half a story, I decided to take another look to see what was on offer! 

By now, I was following the said artist on Facebook and watching her creations grow...

and grow. This caught my eye:

The artist asked:

'Do you remember when the local petrol station actually meant someone came out to put petrol in your car for you! In those days, the local garage covered everything from repairing your car to fixing your petrol mower! The one in our village started life as the village hall and still looked like it should be one long after it became our treasured village garage! 
"Pen y Dre" - village life in the 1970's!

I love Pen y Dre as it really captures those days gone by, perfectly.

And then came a little nautical flavour...

"Burry View Cottage"... set on the North edge of Gower overlooking Whitepoint Lighthouse.  
The driftwood base was collected from Llangennith Beach, Gower! All made
 from recycled materials, the cottage has a Welsh slate roof and the "wisteria"
 growing up the cottage wall is made from dried heather from the Brecon Beacons. ' 


The Old Smithy

' All the materials used for 'The Old Smithy' are reclaimed and set on driftwood found on Pendine beach, West Wales. The cottage roofs are reclaimed Welsh slate and the smithy roof is made from a rusty tin. The anvil is the top part of a 200 year old roofing nail. The tree is dried heather from the Brecon Beacons.'

I'm delighted to have discovered these beautiful pieces!

I often marvel at home simple materials can be re-used and re modelled

in order to produce something extraordinary but, in this case, it was so 

much more than that!

These little models take you back to the past and transport you to these 

quaint and charming Welsh settings. They inspire you to want to find out more

about the history and culture of not just these delightful places but also to delve 

a little more into your own environment, be it a seaside town, a countryside idyll

 or a busy and bustling city. 

After all, history is all around you if you only open your eyes! 

If I'm inspired then I know that the children whom I teach will surely be too!


Trysorau Cymraeg can be found here:

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