Friday, 17 October 2014

Death by emulsion!!! ;-)

 I have a newly decorated 'classroom' at

'Sally Hall Tuition' !! 

It's all thanks to Mr Snippets...who hates decorating! LOL ;-)

I chose a very pale lemon for the walls and this sets off my

beautiful Eileen Soper prints, perfectly.

I chose some lovely cream and gold frames ( distressed

and absolutely perfect!!)

This room had never been decorated since the day we moved in, in 2001.

'I won't be doing it again in my lifetime,' were the words

that he uttered, a few days ago, whilst brandishing a paintbrush,

as if he wanted to attack someone!

(Death by emulsion!!) ;-) ;-)

But it's all come together, really well;  Mr Snippets, beavered away

and he worked like a trojan every day, for a number of days.

I love it!

I feel very inspired being in my lovely room; I only hope that the children do too!

I have all sorts of interesting things in my room.

As a classroom teacher, I loved doing art and craft with my classes; 

I loved displaying children's work to its best;

I loved creating an inspiring environment, in which to work

 I miss all of that.

Mustn't forget the tea tray!! A vital piece of equipment

for every teacher!!

I have little 'snippets' of my own children in my room too.

Helen and Nich are both examples of what hard work can achieve

and I am mighty proud of them and how they have grown into

such wonderful adults. 

They each inspire me in their own way.

For anyone who doesn't know, I am a private tutor based in South Devon

 and I teach English to children of

primary school and secondary school age.

You can find me here .

So that's it... Blu Tack is now banned!

Oh... and I would offer to hire out Mr Snippets

as he's done a fantastic job but...well

I want to live long enough to teach many more lessons

in my fab room!


galant said...

The room looks wonderful, Sal! And well done, Mr Snippets, on all the hard work. I can imagine what a job it was to remove all those books and pictures from the room in order to get at the walls! And such a pretty colour that will look good in every season, and is an ideal background colour for those gorgeous prints.
Margaret P

WinnibriggsHouse said...

The room looks fabulous, though how your pupils concentrate in all that visual splendor is a mystery!

Anonymous said...

The task had been put off for far too long due to one reason or another.
I had procrastinated for far too long and so had been brought to book.
The time came to take the case, clear out the room and prepare for that task in hand.
I never professed to be a decorator, my calling being a detective.
I'm sure that in one of his books Sherlock, having thought more deeply, would have come up with a "Study in Yellow" rather than "Scarlet", especially if he had met Sal rather than Irene.
And so it began. Here was the rub then there was the rub till I had had my fill.
Finishing the preparation was the ceiling of my success.
I tried my very best not to gloss over things and emulsions were running high trying to complete the task on time.
I truly cared for the environment in which you work.
Eventually I finished and realised that I had really cleaned up.
I installed the units had not been shelf-ish in my efforts.
The results were a real picture.
I was not framed for my actions. I was so relieved that I was not on the carpet and that you like your newly decorated room.
On further thoughts, not a Study in a Yellow but a Study of Love.

Frugal Mammy said...

Looks lovely :)

I used to read your blog a long time ago (back in 2008-9) but my computer crashed and I lost all my links. I just stumbled across it again when I was looking for bloggers in Devon as we have recently moved from Shropshire to Hennock near Bovey Tracey. I've really enjoyed reading all your posts about local places and have made notes of some places I'd like to visit as we've only been here a couple of months. Reading about the history of Newton Abbot was very interesting and I'm looking forward to going to Vintage Now next time I'm in town :)

Totnes is first on my list. I've heard such lovely things about it and your posts about the town have made me even more eager to visit there.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write about these places. Your enthusiasm is infectious :)

Gem x

Graham said...

looking at the splendid result you have both created in that room, full of rich memories of days gone by I was reminded of words by one of your fav poets Miss Sal,

"Memories are our most valued possessions"
John Betjeman

you have got just perfect I would say.