Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The pleasure of poetry ;-)

Today, I found the loveliest book.

Packed with poetry and inspiring illustrations, I knew

that it would make a great addition to the resources

in my teaching room.

I've always enjoyed poetry;

I often think that it's such a shame

that so many children have a dislike for this type of writing.

During the past few years, I have found that many of my pupils

 have to study war poetry more than any other type

of poetry. I can honestly

 say that we have certainly 'done it to death'. 

I'm not saying that war poetry doesn't have a place

in the curriculum. Yet, however thought provoking

this type of poetry can be, there are also

so many other themes and subjects that could be studied

and these are often overlooked.

Introduced in the right way, I am sure that poetry could

be made far more enjoyable...especially

as poetry has to be studied, in depth, at GCSE.

I spotted this lovely book in The National Trust shop...a bargain at

a very well, reduced price!


Anonymous said...

Subjects should be diverse
Creative writing
Try verse
War poetry
Not averse
But "Life"
In rhyming word

galant said...

I just love it! It is a wonderful evocation of natural England, and the illustrations are particularly enchanting. I'm not a huge poetry fan but admit I prefer Betjeman to war poetry any day! I like poetry to be uplifting not riven with sadness in the extreme. This book you have found does that - it's a delight, Sal!
(The poetry I recall from school days was learning The Prisoner of Chillon ... "My hair is white, thought not with age, nor grew it white in a single night ..." I failed to understand it, such poetry was wasted on the young! And in my elocution class (an extra to the curriculum at my small private school before grammar school) I learned "The Book by Alfred Lord Tennyson" (for that is how we had to recite the beginning!)
Margaret P

Vintage Jane said...

I agree wholeheartedly.
What a lovely book!
M x

Alchamillamolly said...

My Mam recites some lovely poetry that she learned at school ( she is 87). I am a John Betjeman fan and love listening to my poetry tapes when I am in my little work room crafting. I would love to come and have an afternoon in your classroom and see all of your gorgeous books. I am building a library of lovely old books for my grandchildren (only have one at the moment) and have a loft full of my 3 children's books. I am off to Studley Royal this week to the Nat Trust shop as I have to own this book. xx