Friday, 17 May 2013

Toby Buckland's Plant Centre ;-)

There is no better place in Devon... if you are a lover of all things gardening!

Toby Buckland's Plant Centre, at Powderham, simply oozes quality, beyond belief!

And I truly mean that.

We are just so lucky that it is en route to Exmouth...and better still that

it is en route, coming home too....!!  ;-)

That's if we take the coast road...which we do!

So, if I play my cards right, I get morning coffee on the way

and then a 'stop, browse and buy' time, on the way home!

Early this morning, as we strolled through the plant centre towards the

cafe, who should we encounter but Toby Buckland.

And a very friendly and welcoming person he is is his wife,

 who was busy giving the plants their early morning refreshment.

And...I was allowed to let my camera run riot!!

My photos can no way do this lovely place justice, although

I was pretty pleased with this effort :

Anyway, I let the lovely man continue with his hose pipe maintenance... 

or things of that sort... and off I went, snapping.

For me, Toby Buckland's is such an inspiration.

It's exactly my idea of how a nursery should be.

 I never tire of visiting.

It really is so stunningly beautiful here.

If you have never visited, hopefully, by now, you'll be planning a trip !

Enjoy your visit! 

It'll be the first of many!

Here's your extra info, including 'Gardeners' Coffee Mornings' which are

held at the Plant Centre, with Toby :

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Cup holders..a must!!!

Here's some tip top, good advice!

When you buy a car, don't worry about the colour or the fuel consumption!

 Instead, just make sure that you look for 'appropriate cup holders' 

as you never just know when you might need such added features!!


We have the said features in our car...phew, thank goodness for that!

And so back we travelled from Dartington, this afternoon;

just him, me.... and two 'well balanced' plants, in their vintagey 

containers, being transported to their new abode.

'What's all this about?' Ah, you might well ask!

My friend told me about this delightful little plant stall, situated in Dartington village.

So we searched it out and then one of us ooohed and ahhhhed as she took photos!

The other one tried to look suitably impressed ...well sort of! ;-)

I have always, almost since the day I was born, 

loved little tables like this!

You can't beat them!!

And you'd have to go a long way to beat this one!

Luckily, we didn't have to go too far!

There were plants in all sorts of containers... and all at a very reasonable price!

And we all know that a container is the very best place for mint!!

And gorgeous bunches of lovely flowers.

And I loved it made my day! ;-)

I could have bought the lot...but I didn't!!;-)