Monday, 30 December 2013

Back to work!!

I'm back to work, today!

And it's no hardship to be going to my place of work as I love my environment,

where so much learning takes place.

For a smallish room, I have always tried to provide something for everyone

to enjoy and feel inspired. I know that I feel inspired, 

which in turn makes me a better teacher; I am certain of that!

Anyway, I love my workplace, I've had a good 'tidy up' and I am raring to go!

In my room there is a good mixture of old and new because that's

 what I believe in and that's how I work, picking what I think is the best

from today and yesterday.

You can read 'Swallows and Amazons' and any of the books in that wonderful series.

You can read Enid Blyton because she was and still is a valuable

 part of children's literature.

You can read Harry Potter; Holes; War Horse and an endless amount of Roald Dahl!

You can enjoy poetry and even a smattering of history!

I have Ladybird books alongside Anthony Horowitz  and 

I have Horrible Histories alongside Michael Morpurgo,

Malorie Blackman and Rupert Bear!

As you can see, on the chair above, I even have a school inspector breathing down my neck...

but no more about that apart from to say that I remember my very first encounter

with a school inspector in Surrey. A very nice man he was too!!

He oversaw my probationary year in teaching and the most important words he said to me

(and I remember them well) were, ' If you can truly justify what you are doing

in the classroom, then that's fine by me.'

So that's what I always try to do. I am also constantly questioning

what I do. I talk to myself rather a lot!!

Enough said!!


So ... welcome to my working world!!

And please enjoy a browse!

If you ever come for lessons, this is where you'll sit!!;-)

My other chairs are usually covered with books or games!

Have you noticed, 'Moonfleet'?

One of the best stories written, I was delighted to see the television

adaptation!  Books like this live on and on!

Superb writing!

I have 'War Horse', alongside 'The Little Wooden Horse'!

I love reading these with children.

Slates, satchels and an old university scarf (my dad's)...

all part of the fantastic history of education in our country.

And here I sit, waiting patiently for my first pupil!

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Anonymous said...

Wow what an exciting and inviting work environment and I would dearly love to come and explore and bring my grandkids with me, what a ball we would have ... keep up the good work!

Rose - New Zealand

KC'sCourt! said...

Can I come and learn in your class-room?
Is that a new Gervais Phinn book? I have read all of his books so far?
Julie xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! What a fantastic room, your passion for your subject shines through. I was a teaching assistant for 25 years and left 3 years ago thoroughly beaten down by politics and todays system 'one size fits all' a child's potential cant fail to be released when they enter your room!

Sal said...

Yes,Julie,it's fairly new; it was published in Nov.

Thank you 'Anonymous' and 'Anonymous'!! ;-)

Pennyblossoms said...

I think that the best thing the school inspector could do is bring a few head teachers around with see how it should be done!
That is some 'seat of learning'!
Z xx