Sunday, 7 July 2013

RHS Rosemoor

'Good afternoon Madam!

What can I get for you?'

(Madam ponders)

'A bowl full of sunshine...Oh! And a plate full of colour, please!'

'I'll see what I can do, Madam! Would Madam like to go large?'

'You bet!'

And the waiter certainly came up trumps, yesterday,

 as we were served up those requested ingredients...

to the very highest standard!

Is this not perfection? 

And how roses should be?

I think so!

At this time of year, RHS Rosemoor really does live up to its name!

The roses are stunning!

(If you are near enough to visit, then I suggest you go, this week!)

 I love the way that so much thought is given to colour 

and colour combinations.

There are little touches of opposites, playing side by side,

 each setting off the other to its best...brilliant!

And one of the best bits about RHS Rosemoor, is the way that they have provided

plenty of places to rest you can sit, breathe in deeply and 

take in what's on offer; sample it to you heart's content

 and even have second helpings, if necessary!

Of course, RHS Rosemoor isn't just about Roses.

 There are the lovely, herbaceous borders, beside which to stroll ; so many

of the usual suspects are showing off their best side and

simply saying , 'Hey look at me; adore me!'

Standing stately, there are Foxgloves, Poppies, Verbascum

to name a few; each in their prime, behaving so perfectly.

How how I love RHS Rosemoor!

And just when you think that there couldn't be anything

 more to inspire, along come the Sweet Peas with not only their

beautiful blooms but their sweet scent...not overpowering but

just enough to tempt you to get closer... and sniff.

Sniff you do!

We've walked a little way now and when you get as far as this, 

you tend to lose the people... and then the peace surrounds you!

RHS Rosemoor has also paid particular attention to its meadows; 

so simple and yet so beautiful.

Butterflies flit and flutter by... as we wander by.

Soon, presented in front of one's very eyes...the fruit and veg gardens!

I love this area with its rickety fences and stone walls...and, 

of course, the produce ... perfection!

And yes, he's still there!

Onion stringing can be so very exhausting, dontcha know!;-)

And nearby... there's a party going on!

All the old fashioned cottage garden plants have gathered together...

Sweet Williams ; Marigolds ; Foxgloves and more Sweet Peas.

This party could last for some time!

This is bliss!

And we haven't even finished!

And I don't want it to finish!

So...on we go, passing by a painterly Poppy, a pretty pond and pink Primula.

We marvel at the Allium and the Iris...they look so at home; 

everything is always in its right place, here at Rosemoor.

This is RHS Rosemoor.

It is a little jewel in North Devon and one which

will shine for a very long time yet.

I am so glad that we visited!

I wouldn't have missed this for the world!

And as the waiter enquires:

'Has Madam had an elegant sufficiency?'

 I reply:

'Certainly,  my good man! 

My bowl and plate are very much empty

at the end of this lovely visit!

I have eaten all that I can for now

 but I am hoping to come back for a refill

...very soon!!'

(And go large... again)



Anonymous said...

I too was there on that joyous day at Rosemoor

I over indulged and drank in the full spectacle; my eyes greedy for more and the delicate fragrances tantalising my nostrils

It was a delight to see you there Madam Ponders

And what's more i was able to take an English Rose home for mine own

Bobbie Lynn said...

Just beautiful. Have a wonderful day Sal. : )

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post looks just wonderful there!
Thank you for showing us around.
Your photos are spectacular...RHS Rosemoor would surely love to see and maybe use them? They are stunning!!!

Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Nich said...

What an explosion of colour! And cor, I wish I had a veg plot like that!