Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A little mention in BBC Homes and Antiques!! ;-)

I was taken by surprise on Monday, when I opened up my copy of the

BBC Homes and Antiques magazine. There, at the end of a lovely article about

vintage cotton feedsacks, was my name...or at least my website name!

A few weeks ago, the writer, Katherine Higgins, 

 contacted me and asked me if she could name my site

 as a source for buying these lovely feedsacks.

I'd completely forgotten about this!

And I do have some lovely designs....

My website is here:

All feedsack fabric is marked f/s

Thank you Katherine for such a splendid article

...and of course for giving me a mention!



KC'sCourt! said...

How lovely. Your fabric is lovely
Julie xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh how super!
I was soooo pleased to have read this article in my H&A as I am in the market for some original but pretty fabrics.
I love your site and all those lovely designs.
I am hastily scribbling down my shopping list and will contact you later this afternoon to place my order.
Your prices are soooo affordable too
Lucky me!

Mary H

Anonymous said...

What a fascinating subject.
The article not only was a good read but led me to you.
I was so pleased to find your site and discover that you had such a wide range of other vintage fabrics besides the feed sacks.
Now where shall I begin?
Maybe this, definitely that.....


Anonymous said...

In this day and age with everyone copying everyone it is refreshing to find original things and ideas.
I love the uniqueness and rarity of the fabrics you sell and have bookmarked you for spending upon in the future


Creations of a kind

Sal said...

Thanks! I have also thanked the writer of the article as it has obviously sent a bit of business my way!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Sal....and very well deserved!
You always do have such a brilliant selection...I really wish that I had more time to make stuff...they are so pretty and inspiring!
Well done!

Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Anonymous said...

Are you able to post large orders to London and if so what would be the best turnaround upon receipt of my order?
Are you able to source more of your fabrics and designs should I require duplicate orders?


Shique Fabrique

Sal said...

Hi Celine! If you email me, I can discuss this further. Many thanks ! Sal :-)