Monday, 24 June 2013

Bovey Tracey and the Heritage Centre ;-)

Last week, we took a stroll around Bovey Tracey. 

We live about ten minutes from this little town.

As we walked around,we stumbled across this new shop

at the bottom of the town...


Lots of lovely, local artists' work to be seen here!

The old police station has now been sold.... and aptly named!

We were also really pleased to find the Heritage Centre,

which is situated on the site of the old railway station.

The centre is entirely run by volunteers and we were fortunate to

meet a lovely man ... very much an enthusiast ...who showed us around!

I soon found myself clambering up on to the brake van, above.


Here's Mr Snippets in deep conversation!
for rail passenger traffic for nearly 100 years.The centre is entirely run by volunteers
The Centre is run entirely by volunteers and is funded by 

For a small museum,  this centre is packed with interesting history.

This photograph, above, especially caught my eye

 as it is of Teigngrace Halt.

And the old railway posters are always a welcome sight.

This beautiful painting sums up the county in which I live....


Local artists' contributions.

And all sorts of other memorabilia from the area.

A pleasant little trip, indeed!


graham said...

What a great day out you had there to Bovey. I was captivated by all the pictures, of course we railway nuts are so easy to please at times.
Please Sal, never stop doing these trips and sharing them with all of us on your blog, its gives such meaning to the great world of the net, just the way it should be used.
Enlightens and entertains all in one page, thank you.

Lyn said...

It looks like a very pretty place. Isn't it always the same when we don't appreciate as much as we should what is on our doorstep!
Thank you for sharing.