Sunday, 9 June 2013

Through the garden gate !;-)

Come with me, through the garden gate!

I have the loveliest book.

'Through the Garden Gate' by Susan Hill is exactly as it says

in the introduction: 

'A joyful little book which conjures up the magic of many gardens.'

And it further states:

'Through the garden gate lies a world of surprises...'

I've often been inspired by this book and also by its sister book, entitled

'Through the Kitchen Window'

Both have their unique charm and if you can ever get hold of either or both,

you will not be disappointed.

Susan Hill also wrote an equally charming book :

'The Magic Apple Tree'

and I recommend that too!!

And now...just look at this :

Wouldn't you just like to step through here

 ...and into your own world of adventures?!


We went for a walk, today.

We walked along, 'The Strand'.

The Strand is a wonderful road in Topsham and I have noticed

before that there are an abundance of garden gates in this

 I decided to focus on them!

Well...ok... what I really mean is, have a nose at what was beyond!!

Some gardens, on the river side of The Strand, have river frontage.

How lush is that?! ;-)

I especially love this view from the is actually the entrance

to Topsham Museum but more about that in another

blog post.

At the front of Susan Hill's lovely book, it says that the prose and the illustrations

delight the senses.

I hope that my photos have also done just that.

The next time you go walking...take a look through a few

garden gates. 

You never know what you might find!! ;-)


Mildred said...

Loving all these photo. Love that you make me feel i could have been walking along side you.
Off to amazon to find those books, i fear they could cost a small fortune now. Thank you for the inspiration.

Mildred said...

Have ordered all three copies from amazon. 1p a book. plus postage. Thank you again.

Graham said...

Sal, you never cease to inspire with your wonderful vista's of things so English.
I am so often bought to tears to see what wonderful gardens and landscapes you capture with your camera, heartfelt thanks for continuing to bring joy to us so far from home.
May yo never stop finding these treasures, it does our hearts the world of good.

Down by the sea said...

I love Susan Hill's books too. I enjoyed the walk along the Strand it looks more warmer than when we visited in the cold spell in March. It would be wonderful to live behind one of those gates.
Sarah x

galant said...

Love Topsham and love thee books, I have them both and they live in my summerhouse which I think is the most appropriate place for them! I, too, have taken pix of those wonderful garden gates in Topsham - what a joy they are.
Margaret P