Saturday, 8 June 2013

Classic!!! ;-)

In Newton Abbot this morning.. a fab display of classic cars!

My knowledge of cars is not vast but as we walked

through the crowds, Mr S said words like:

MGB Roadster;  Triumph Herald;  Morris Minor ;  Wolseley... etc 

Austin; Ford Cortina mark 2; Rover 3.5 coupe;  etc etc

Mini; Morris 1100;  etc etc

Riley ; Austin ; Triumph etc etc

Triumph ; Rover etc etc etc etc!! etc

A very fine sight....and just another example of how

Newton Abbot town centre is thriving!!

Well done to all those who help to make the town

a very fine place!


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galant said...

Oh, wowzer, I'd loved to have seen those classic cars! My Dad had a Triumph Herald Vitesse and our first car (well, my husband had his first car ... this was when we were first going out together) a Ford Consul Mark 1, with bench seat in the front, and a column great change (only three forward gears, too.)
Margaret P