Saturday, 11 May 2013

Tavistock Vintage Fair ;-)

Here are the photos from last Saturday's lovely vintage fair in Tavistock.

I'm a bit behind due to pressures of work... but well done to Sian,

for organising another fine fair.

We love our trundle across the moor, even though this time

it was pretty hairy weather!!

There was such a fantastic variety of vintage on display!

And, of course, the ever dependable, 'More tea Vicar'... and...

The best vintage tea room ever! ;-)


Jille said...

It looks like the Vintage Fair that you went to was much better than mine today. I have seen so many pictures of lovely vintage ware at the fairs perhaps my expectations were too high! I will not give up!

galant said...

It is so strange to me ... when I married in 1964 I was a weeny bit upset when we were given table cloths with embroidered crinoline ladies on them, or little lacy d'oyles from aunties and uncles, and stripy sheets and other doo-dahs I can see here, and yet today, young women (and some older ones) are falling over themselves to buy them! I wonder what we should be saving now for a generation or two ahead of us? Things for which we have little regard now, but which will be drooled over in the future?
Margaret P