Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Family photos!

There's nothing like an impromptu cuppa, raiding the family photos...

 and a good old reminisce!

The above photo is of my mum when she was in her mid 20s.

 It was taken at Minehead.

Moving on in time, here's me with my mum. This was taken

at Slapton, in 1981.

Here's me with my dad!!

Taken in the back yard of the little house where I was born, 

in Newton Abbot. second school photo! 7 years old.

Funny how this next one keeps cropping up...

Me and my sister...a school fete in 1990!

No prizes for guessing the theme!

I went to Torquay United Football Club and begged for these kits!!

Fetching or what?!!!!!

Me and my daughter , Helen, Panda (her favourite toy) ....

plus the 'bump' which is Nich!

Must be 1984.

And below.... me as a new mum, with Helen... 1982.


KC'sCourt! said...

I love looking back at old photos, trying to work out who, where and when!
Where was the photo taken in Minehead?
I had my middle son Robert in November 1982.
Julie xxxxxxxx

Ju bohomumma said...

lovely photos - I love looking through photos - I have lots my grandmother had, as well as obviously, all the ones I've taken. So many happy memories or interesting moments captured. Definitely something to treasure

Ju bohomumma said...

Lovely photos. I love looking back, through my own photos and also a big collection of family photos that my grandmother left me. So many happy memories captured in those moments. Definitely something to treasure

Anonymous said...

Really lovely photos Sal...I really love the one of you at cheeky!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

Jay said...

What a lovely collection of photo's, nice to have time to reminisce.