Sunday, 24 March 2013

What Katy Did !

Earlier today, on an exceedingly cold Sunday,

we ventured to East Devon.

Mr Snippets had assured me that there would be nothing open... ( but I knew better!! ;-)

It's always good to find something 'vintagey' open 

on a Sunday!

The sign said , 'Come and have a rummage!' 

Well, there's nothing like a good rummage, is there?

And this time (  I'd visited a year ago when the shop had only just opened

 but had missed Katy, on that occasion.)

 Katy was there in person... and she's famous now, dontcha know!! ;-)

You'll find her on page 21 of this month's Homes and Antiques,

along with Marvin, her Bassett Hound.

And it's just as the article in H and A says :

'What Katy Did' will have you grinning from ear to ear.'

And if you get the chance to chat to Katy, then so will I discovered a

lovely lady with quite a sense of humour!! ;-)

It's a colourful shop...or should I say 'experience'!

These sort of shops are 'just up my street' as they say...

(How I wish it was!!)

Anyway, having established that there were no hats available for Mr S 

(he purchased a hat, last time), I wandered around taking it all in, 

escaping to my childhood here and there...  and snapping away, happily.

Do visit, 'What Katy Did!'  if you are in this lovely part of Devon!

It's fun, friendly and full of fab finds!

Budleigh Salterton is also a delightful little seaside town... although it

was rather brisk, today and somewhat grey and gloomy!!

But as I said to my other half before we ventured out,

' Life is only gloomy if you make it so!'

'What Katy Did'

You'll find Katy in the main street, Budleigh Salterton.


KC'sCourt! said...

Another shop to add to my list for visiting
Julie xxxxxxx

What Katy Did said...

Wow! Thanks Sally! Fab pictures too; of the shop and atmospheric Budleigh! xx

Anonymous said...

Great shop...I love the junky style!
Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx