Thursday, 1 November 2012

Words fail me..well almost! ;-)

Good heavens! Is this some kind of joke article, written to encourage outrage?! ;-)

Whatever it is, I had to read it twice, in order  to try and understand 

where this woman is coming from.

In the end, I decided that either she, or I, must be living on another planet.


Way back in the 1920s, social reformers such as Eleanor Rathbone, made a case

for a universal Family Allowance. They saw it as a way to (wait for it)

  alleviate poverty in big families.

( Note that, Mrs Greedy Pants! )

I'm sure that, at the time, this was a good idea although it wasn't until 1946

that this idea was implemented. Family Allowance of 5 shillings a week

 was given for the second and any subsequent children in a family.


But times have changed!  

We live in a different world and, in my opinion, it's a world of two words... 

Debt and Greed.

We have come through a culture where we have been encouraged to take on debt,

regardless of our means. And thus, we've become far too greedy.

Like Adam and that forbidden fruit, the temptation has been too much for many of us and we

 have lived way above our means, barely giving our future a thought.

 Live for the moment, grab all we can...borrow,borrow,borrow....and so on.

And I think that we've lost sight of certain values as we've clamoured

 for more of everything.


Reading the above article actually made my blood boil.

Many people seem to think that they have a god given right to state benefits!

This woman is one of them. She has become so dependent on Child Benefit rather

than looking upon it as a bonus. What gives her the right to expect the state

 to fund her family?

In fact, what gives anyone the right?

And the biggest question is, that before she decided to lie down and

 give birth to these children, did she not for one moment think about how

 SHE was going to fund their future?

Is it not disgusting that SHE ( like many others ) should expect the state

to play its part in funding the upbringing of her family?

You chose to have them, Mrs, you fund that choice!!


SO, I think that is downright disgraceful.

And look at the salary that she and her husband bring home!

Living above their means... no thought...selfish to the core, if you ask me!

Passing the responsibility on to others. Because that's what it is!

She's not living in the real world or giving any thought to the genuine needy in this country.

Rant over...although I do think that the whole benefit system in this country is a farce!

But that's for another day...maybe! ;-)



Carol said...

Well said Sal. I saw the headline of the article but didn't want to risk sky high blood pressure by reading it!
What sort of standards is she passing on to her children? Does she not realise that someone on minimum wage working a 60 hour week could be paying tax so she can grab her 'benefits'?
Who does she thinks contributes? Where does she think the money comes from? Some great tax pot in the sky?
Like many she obviously never gives a thought to 'cutting your cloth according to your means'.
The more that is given to Mrs Greedy Pants and her ilk the less for those in genuine need.
You rant all you like.
Carol xx

Alix said...

I read this post of yours this morning but waited to comment till my blood had stopped seething quite so much! It beggars belief! The combination of people like her who live in great comfort and fail to see their good fortune and be grateful for it, and the truly idle who never intend to work and are happy to live off everything the State will give them will probably bankrupt the nation in due course! The Welfare State should be there for those in genuine need...

Andi's English Attic said...

Once upon a time when married women were automatically expected to give up work once they had children, this money was paid to the mothers to help buy clothes etc for their children. In the days of a wife's weekly allowance from her husband, this separate income was welcome as her own. Rich or poor, I would have been grateful for the money.
As times change so must the system and I hope very much this article was tongue-in-cheek but am very much afraid it isn't. However, I really hope the stay-at-home mums whose family allowance is going to stop all have fair, equal marriages.

forcryeye said...

Interesting to see that entitlement isn't just an issue here in the States. The arrogance of the author is shocking!

Anonymous said...

As always Sal...WELL SAID!

The benefit system (and child benefit) need a total overhall!

Love Amanda (Shabby Chick) xxx

dosierosie said...

I'm with you all the way with this, we have always been of the opinion that they are our children so we should look after them. So many people are having to pulled their belts in, it's a shame this woman doesn't feel she should do the same.

Alchamillamolly said...

Have to comment Sal but instead will just ditto what dosie rosie says above.

THe writer of the article is obviously totally out of touch thw current situation around us.